Frederik Brink, formerly known as Jensen, is a man on a mission, or should we say, a father and husband on a mission? After a hot start on Day 6 of the WSOP Main Event, Jensen is sitting on a Top 10 stack and with plenty of experience to fall back on, the Dane seems ready to deliver on a very big promise.

“I told my oldest son that I wouldn’t come home before I was world champion of poker,” Brink said with a big smile, and contrary to other events he’s played all over the world, he’s got a real strong sense that he’s on the brink of something magical because of his support at home.

Brink’s wife is taking care of their kids back home in Denmark, one and four-years-old, while he’s traveling for poker, and through FaceTime and daily video updates, the family stays in close contact with each other.

“The clips she sends me are of them singing and cheering me on, and with that amazing support behind me I’m pretty sure I’m going to win this one.”

Unlike his fellow countryman Gus Hansen, Brink is a more stoic and cool, but he can’t help but feel as though this tournament is unlike anything he’s ever done before.

“At this point, it’s still smaller than my wins because there’s a lot of players left, but I’m just telling myself that I’m going to win. I’ve not always been good at having a strong mindset, but it’s different this time. I have this feeling that I’m going to win, and I’ve never had that before. Hopefully, that’s a good omen.”

Reflecting on his play and run up to this point, Jensen doesn’t hold back up and says it the way it is.

“You just have to hang in there and hope that the rush will come, and then you also need to get lucky. I’ve survived a couple of all-ins where I was behind, but at the same time you just have to play your short stack very disciplined.”

“In the Main Even more than in any tournament, I think that a lot of people go on tilt when they’re down to 20 big blinds because it’s so much less than the average stack. I wouldn’t say that people are shoving any two cards, but I’ve seen a lot of moves with holdings they shouldn’t play that way. That’s not me though, even if I have only 10 big blinds, I’m always going to be disciplined.”

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