Frank Kassela notched his third bracelet win seven years after winning his first two and claiming the World Series of Poker Player of the Year title. He took down the No Limit Deuce to Seven event – the third different variant among his wins – for $89,151.

“It feels great, nothing feels better than winning a World Series of Poker bracelet when you’re a poker player,” said Kassela. “Especially for me because I’ve gotten in close in No Limit Hold’em, but to get a non-Stud bracelet is nice.”

“Since I don’t really play the professional circuit, I only come out and play the World Series,” Kassela said. “Obviously, I know it’s tougher to compete against the world class guys, any time you can come in here and beat up on them, it’s pretty good.”

“It’s not an easy field to fade when you’re playing,” he added. “Look at when you got down to 14 players last night, I think three of us were former Players of the Year. It’s just not an easy field getting down here and getting through this.”

Kassela was direct when explaining his limited time at the tables, “I’ve got businesses and other responsibilities in life, so I can’t wander around the world and play poker tournaments – it’d be fun. Showing up and winning a couple bracelets is always a good time.”

“Generally speaking, when it comes down to being a recreational player, I consider myself one of the best recreational players in the world,” said Kassela. “I don’t know what I could do if I hopped on that train and played all year long, but I’m sure I would have a lot more tournament success than just showing up here six weeks every summer.”

The variant is one of his favorite types of poker, which is always in the rotation of the games he plays. He felt a definite advantage at the end stage of the event. “When it came down like three or four people there at the end, I would imagine that I had more live No Limit Deuce experience than the rest of them put together.”

“I’ve got so many hours in this game,” he said. “I felt pretty good once we got three-handed, even though I didn’t have the chip lead, I felt like I was going to win the whole time.”

“Big bet games are big bet games, which are one thing. I think that for most people that play poker, especially at the World Series, there is nothing better than winning a No Limit Deuce tournament,” said Kassela.

“I don’t know why – the $10,000 No Limit Deuce event – everybody wants to win that just as much as the Main Event or the $50K. It’s just the fact that you won a No-Limit 2-7 tournament, they are not that easy to win.”

Final Table Payouts

1. Frank Kassela – $89,151
2. Bernard Lee – $55,086
3. Timothy Mcguigan – $37,032
4. Matt Waxman – $25,451
5. Jared Bleznick – $17,890
6. Stuart Rutter – $12,868
7. Benny Glaser – $9,477
8. Samuel Spiwak – $7,150