The 2023 U.S. Poker Open Online hosted by GlobalPoker.com wrapped up on Sunday, September 3, resulting in "FishSamich" and "amx" topping the two series leaderboards. "FishSamich" finished atop the Sweeps Coin leaderboard, and "amx" topped the Gold Coins leaderboard.

For winning the Sweeps Coin leaderboard, "FishSamich" earned $5,000 to fund a trip to Las Vegas to visit the PokerGO Studio, the leaderboard trophy, a framed U.S. Poker Open felt, and $5,000 in additional prize money. Among the series success that helped "FishSamich" claim the leaderboard's top spot was a victory in USPO 04 H - SC 50,000 GTD (Super Bounty, 6-Max, Deep) for SC 6,158. He also placed second in USPO 07 L - SC 30,000 GTD (8-Max, Super Deep) for SC 4,232.

2023 USPO Online Sweeps Coin Leaderboard Top 10

1 FishSamich 1,090.43
2 betohas 969.58
3 flush634 888.59
4 TeddyRuxpin 812.11
5 craYpOnKick 797.21
6 Krausey4 765.63
7 Chase2216 752.00
8 Durfect 746.11
9 AndreyGuima 742.12
10 supreamdream 715.44

The Sweeps Coin portion of the Global Poker 2023 U.S. Poker Open Online drew more than 18,200 entries and awarded nearly SC 250,000 to the 16 tournament winners.

Winning the Gold Coins leaderboard earned "amx" the winner's trophy, U.S. Poker Open champion's hoodie, additional apparel, and a Golden Scrimmage tournament named after him. "Amx" won an event on the penultimate day of the series, taking first place in USPO 14 H - GC 25,000,000 Guaranteed (1R1A, 8-Max) for GC 7,681,950. Earlier in the series, he took ninth in USPO 01 L - GC 20,000,000 GTD (1R1A) for GC 401,478 and second in USPO 02 L - GC 12,500,000 GTD (Progressive Bounty, Deep) for GC 1,134,384.

2023 USPO Online Gold Coin Leaderboard Top 10

1 amx 2,694.91
2 FlushMe2Tears 2,672.50
3 lapochka888 2,359.90
4 10dURRvIttLEs 2,314.35
5 Jungernaut747 2,313.69
6 Tigklefist 2,108.96
7 itsalloverbaby66 2,047.43
8 bingoray 2,005.48
9 lledsmarttam 1,845.00
10 aLLnutZ81 1,717.04

To see the full list of tournament winners for both Sweeps Coin tournaments and Gold Coins tournaments, click here.

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