The final day of play of the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl at the ARIA Resort & Casino returns three players to fight for the title. Jake Schindler, Christoph Vogelsang and Stefan Schillhabel return as the three finalists and they shared some thoughts before cards hit the air.

Schindler returns as the overwhelming chip leader and already has his eyes on playing Vogelsang for the title. “The heads-up match against Christoph is what’s running through my mind,” he said. “It feels amazing to be here, I ran hot during the entire Day 3, and the entire Day 4 – there might’ve only been a 30-minute span during which I hit some road bumps.”

“I’ve played three-handed in tournaments a bunch and I have a decent bit of experience and I’m ready,” he added. “I’m excited to watch the stream to see what I can pick up, the production is really good and it’s a really good tournament.”

Vogelsang echoed Schindler’s thoughts on making it to this point. “I feel really happy to be here three-handed at the final table now,” he said. “It’s the biggest tournament of the year, and I’m very happy to be a part of it with just three players remaining.”

“I’ve played lots of heads up, and I feel comfortable playing that. As long as it’s three-handed – with Jake having a lot more chips – it’s quite normal that I have to be a little careful and that I shouldn’t get into a very big pot with Jake,” said Vogelsang. “That’s what the math dictates. Hopefully I’ll get to heads up, and that should be fun because we’re potentially still 100 big blinds deep.”

Schillhabel recognizes the tall task ahead of him with such a short stack. “I had a huge roller coaster the whole day, I went from a good stack to short again, to short again and to a decent stack again,” he said. “The table was really, really tight and I saw way less bluffs than I expected.”

“People didn’t get the nuts often, and that’s the reason it all took so long. I made a few mistakes, because I didn’t think everyone would be this tight, but all in all I like my play today,” Schillhabel said. “The bust out of Leon was great for me, as I was the short stack by far, and I didn’t expect to make another price jump.”

“Now I can hope to get some cards tomorrow, maybe I bust or maybe I double, but it’s already a very good result for me,” said Schillhabel. “To win be awesome, but I don’t know what to say about it. It would be great, totally crazy, especially since this is only my fifth high roller tournament ever.”

“I would be super happy to win tomorrow, because I haven’t won a big trophy,” said Vogelsang. “Let’s hope it goes well, because it would be so much fun to stand here tomorrow and win this. If it doesn’t happen, I think you have to be happy with third or second because that’s also a lot of money. It’s all good in the end.”

Schindler sees a clear path to the end, but knows he’ll have to get around Vogelsang to win. “I think he underestimates me, and I think that’s what he uses as credentials to how good you really are,” Schindler said. “I think I think differently than him, and understand how he thinks, and I think that gives me quite a bit of an edge. But we’ll see what happens.”