The first night of “Rise and Grind” week belonged to Farah Galfond, who topped headliners John Cynn and Michael Mizrachi. Coming off of a strong end to “Solve for Hollywood” week, Galfond carried over the performance into the $100/$200 game on PokerGO.

Relive the full night’s action here:

Galfond’s night immediately started off in the right direction thanks to a three-way all-in victory. Placed in a huge hand against Justin Young and Mizrachi, Galfond found the perfect turn card to secure herself the largest part of a pot that reached the $100,000 stratosphere.

Mizrachi took the blunt end of the loss in that hand and set the tone for the rest of his session.

Next up on Mizrachi’s pain train was a visit with Young. Mizrachi held jacks but had the second-best hand yet again against Young’s aces. The pot put Young in the black where he stayed for the rest of the night.

The final adventure for Mizrachi led him to a matchup with wily Poker After Dark veteran Bob Bright. Mizrachi’s journey led to a river showdown with another cooler on his hands. Bright had him beat but a determined Mizrachi refused to give in during the tough hand.

Galfond and Young finished up as big winners on the night. Young is out of the lineup tomorrow night and in his place steps Maria Ho.

John Cynn played in quite a few pots and showed why his hand-reading ability led him to become the 2018 WSOP Main Event champion.

Alan Richardson and Vitaliy Rizhkov booked respective wins and are scheduled to be back for the second night of “Rise and Grind” play.

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