Justin “KOSDFF” Chandler recently relocated with his professional Call of Duty team, Team Kaliber, to Cobb County, Georgia – a suburb of Atlanta – and was recently cited for running a business out of the home without a license and for having too many unrelated individuals living in a home.

Chandler is vlogger and eSport pro with close to one million YouTube followers and the head of Team Kaliber. Chandler took to his YouTube page after County officials issued the citations. He did say in the video that the official was polite and professional. But that Chandler had two weeks to cease filming videos in his home or he would be summoned to court.

The county contends that his vlogging and streaming of play constitutes a home business. The county has a code that limits households to two unrelated persons.

Team Kaliber has over 3,000 followers on Twitch and the 2017 COD team includes Dylan “Theory” McGee, Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim, Nick “Happy” Suda” and Cole “ColeChan” Chancey.

According to Chandler the county officials were called by a disgruntled neighbor. The group moved to the new house in November 2016 and posted a video of their new digs.