This week on the Poker Central Podcast, your trusted hosts are tackling a variety of topics with three special guests that were all part of Dolly’s Game on PokerGO: Matt Glantz, Brian Rast, and Anthony Alberto.

Brent and Remko tackle the hottest topic in poker, the alleged cheating my Mike Postle at Stones Gambling Hall in Northern California, and get the opinion of Matt Glantz who’s experienced in what it takes to put together a poker live stream.

With Glantz, the guys also discuss his recent weight loss, the worst game in poker, and how he got started in poker.

Brian Rast, the commentator on Dolly’s Game alongside Ali Nejad, joins the show to talk about his Top 5 favorite degenerate players who have no regard for money and are always ready to kick up the stakes.

The third and final guest on the show, high stakes poker player and sports bettor Anthony Alberto, talks about his worst bad beats in sports betting as well as high stakes fantasy leagues in which he’s betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on the side.

Lastly, Brent breaks down the Power Rankings which has some eye-brow raising names as well as a clearcut Top 2.

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Brian Rast, Matt Glantz, Joey Ingram, Doug Polk, Dan Bilzerian, Mike Postle, Anthony Alberto