With so many personalities and poker related content out there to consume, it may be hard to catch it all but don’t worry. Each week, Poker Central’s “Don’t Look Now” series will get you up to speed on everything poker and video from the last week. From highlights, “viral” content, quick hits from social media and on-demand PokerGO content, “Don’t Look Now” brings it all together.

Pot Limit Omaha returned to Poker After Dark for the first time in nearly a decade and while Phil Galfond, Tom Dwan, and Daniel Cates controlled most of the headlines coming into “PLOMG” week, Isaac Haxton came out with three-straight profitable nights. The online legend was the only player to book wins in every $300/$600 cash game and Haxton capped “PLOMG” week with this scoop of Phil Galfond in Thursday’s finale.

Aside from running well, you need a little *fire emoji* to win all four runouts in Pot Limit Omaha, Haxton also played above the rim during all three $300/$600 cash game sessions. In the “PLOMG” opener on Tuesday, Haxton played this nearly $200,000 pot against Brandon Adams, where both players flopped a flush. Haxton flopped the nuts and “JNandez” broke down Haxton’s line that earned him maximum value in one of Tuesday’s biggest pots.

Arguably the only misstep Haxton took this week, came later in that opening session against the player that he scooped in the “PLOMG” finale. To be fair, missteps against Phil Galfond, who is arguably one of the world’s best Pot Limit Omaha players, are common, even for a player of Haxton’s stature. The Run It Once founder put Haxton in a tough spot on the river and while there were a few bigger pots during “PLOMG” week, none were as interesting as this clash.

You saw Drea Renee on the sidelines of all three “PLOMG” sessions, but she was also on the rail of the first-ever Poker Masters series last week. Drea brought tons of updates from the $100,000 Championship that capped the five-event Poker Masters series, including some fashion tips, online feuds, and this exclusive interview catching up with Purple Jacket winner Steffen Sontheimer.

Don’t Look Now Bonus Video: Remember when Tom Dwan did this on the first episode of Poker After Dark’s reboot? Me either. While he didn’t play any pots even close to this during the second night of “PLOMG” cash games, having Dwan back on the Poker After Dark set, and knowing that he is capable of things like this, should be enough to get the entire poker world excited.