We’ve been over Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. and we will likely go over it again, because we are obsessed and while we usually just slide Lamar into the Friday edition of the “Morning Perk,” his recently released music video deserves some standalone editorial.

Because DNA. is a banger? Yes. Because it is a sick music video? Also, yes. But mainly because it stars Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout participant and poker advocate, Don Cheadle.

In 2015, Cheadle battled with fellow comedians Hank Azaria, Brad Garrett, Norm Macdonald and Kevin Pollak with the winner facing high stakes professionals to benefit charity. Cheadle is most known in the poker world for his charitable efforts, thanks to his organization of the Ante Up for Africa event during the World Series of Poker.

In total, the charity hosted three events from 2007-2009 at the WSOP and raised over $3,000,000 for the country of Darfur. While philanthropy is Cheadle’s specialty, the Academy Award nominee also has some serious poker chops.


That bluff may not have worked against Hank Azaria but Cheadle will always have ties to poker, through his charitable efforts, and ties to Las Vegas, as a star of the Ocean’s Trilogy.