Seth Davies takes his seat in the Deep Issues chair and faces a grilling from Drea Renee on PokerGO. Davies hit a new peak of his professional career this summer when he entered the Super High Roller Bowl for the first time and his interview in Deep Issues reveals some of his personality beyond the table.

Fans learned a great deal about Davies on Insiders leading up to Super High Roller Bowl. Davies provided an inside look for his preparation leading up to this year’s biggest event.

Deep Issues digs into Davies’ character traits and he’s not shy about shedding light toward intimate details.

Major topics tackled during the conversation include how Davies unwinds from poker, who some of his influences were coming up in the game, and when is the last time he took extended time off from the game. Spoiler alert: Davies rarely takes any time off these days.

Expect to see more of Davies next month on Poker Masters. The High Roller series returns to PokerGO with seven events including a $100,000 Main Event starting on September 7. Davies is a favorite to play most of, if not all, the events in his pursuit of climbing the ranks among the best players in the game.

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