Deep Issues starts the weekend by diving into the life and career of Hollywood’s Randall Emmett. The Poker After Dark stalwart leans over the chair of Drea Renee for the latest episode of Deep Issues available only on PokerGO.

Emmett’s professional career resides in Hollywood and he’s caught the poker bug in recent years. The legendary WSOP Main Event entrance is part of many classic Emmett moments in the last year, all of which can be found on the Best of Randall Emmett.

Renee pressures Emmett to reveal his favorite memories of playing on Poker After Dark and his recent tournament ventures. Emmett dives into where his love for poker came from and how much he plans to play in the upcoming months.

Emmett returned to Poker After Dark for “Solve for Hollywood” week and comes back for “Masters of the Main” week this upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday.

If his past appearances are any indication, Emmett is going to be full of entertainment and action on Poker After Dark.

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