Start your week on PokerGO by learning more about one of poker’s most vibrant personalities. Jamie Kerstetter’s Twitter game is what she is best known for and she uses her famous account to discuss anything and everything poker related. But what happens when Kerstetter is under the microscope? Drea Renee puts Kerstetter to the test on Deep Issues.

Kerstetter’s poker career started when she left her life as a lawyer in the 2000s. The sharp wit that would serve her well in front of a jury is now present every time she sits at the felt or presses ‘send’ on a tweet.

The PokerGO booth on Twitch enjoyed Kerstetter’s presence in the booth on numerous occasions during the WSOP. Kerstetter’s budding career in poker broadcasting is one to keep an eye on.

Beyond poker and Twitter, Kerstetter is obsessed with dogs and gives Renee an insight into her love affair with the animals. Kerstetter reveals details about her personal life including details about her boyfriend who also plays poker, her thoughts on Phil Hellmuth, and the professional bond she shares with Doug Polk.

Don’t miss what Kerstetter has to say about Hellmuth’s epic blowup in the 2018 WSOP Main Event.

Renee’s sparring partners in the chair on Deep Issues include other notable personalities Randall Emmett and Bryn Kenney.

Emmett is a frequent player on Poker After Dark and returns this week of “Masters of the Main” on PokerGO.

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