David Coleman was down to just two big blinds shortly after four-handed play began, but all the New Jersey native needed was a chip and a chair as he doubled four straight times en route to the title and $302,400 first-place prize in Event #6: $15,100 No-Limit Hold'em. 

In what turned out to be a sign of things to come, Jeremy Ausmus was out the door on hand number four when his ace-queen was run down by Dylan DeStefano's ace-five on the turn, leaving him to collect the $37,800 seventh-place prize. 

Seven hands later, Michael Brinkenhoff flopped a set of fours in a four-way pot to send Aram Zobian's pocket jacks out in fifth place for $70,875 and Justin Saliba's king-queen out in sixth place for $51,975. 

The four-handed play started with Seth Davies doubling through DeStefano and then taking half of Coleman's stack to drop him to the two-big blind mark, but from there, the momentum and the deck swung in his favor. 

Coleman would then score three consecutive doubles through DeStefano, the first of which took him to eight big blinds when he turned a flush with eight-seven against DeStefano's queen-nine. Coleman would drop slightly after that but improved to eleven big blinds when his ace-four held against DeStefano's nine-seven. 

In Coleman's penultimate double, he got in his last six big blinds in with king-nine and ran squarely into DeStefano's pocket kings. The flop gave Coleman a queen and a jack for a gutshot straight draw, and when the ten of clubs hit the felt on the turn, the improbable double streak continued. 

Coleman's final double was another strange one as he three-bet to 800,000 with 425,000 behind, only to receive a call from Brinkenhoff on the button. The flop fell queen-high Coleman checked, Brinkenhoff bet 300,00, and when Coleman moved all-in, he swiftly sent his cards into the muck as Coleman moved to second in chips. 

Brinkenhoff was out the door one hand later when he got his last seven big blinds into the middle with jack-eight from the big blind against DeStefano's ace-king. Brinkenhoff flopped a pair of jacks, but when the board ran out a wheel, he was left shaking his head as he headed to the rail in fourth place for $94,500.

On the very next hand, Davies was all-in for his last twelve big blinds with king-jack from the button, and David Coleman called with ace-four in the big blind. Again, The board ran out a wheel as Coleman made the straight to send Davies to the cage in third place for $132,300. 

Coleman would finally take the chip lead on the first hand of heads-up play and then effectively end the tournament on hand two. With the blinds at 50,000/100,000, DeStefano limped the button, and Coleman made it 400,000 in the big blind. DeStefano called, and the flop landed eight-six-four rainbow. 

Coleman check-called a 275,000 bet from DeStefano as the turn landed the five clubs. Coleman once again check-called a bet from DeStefano this time for 500,000. The river jack of diamonds completed the board, and Coleman checked it DeStefano's way. DeStefano emptied the clip and bet 2,475,000 with 50,000 behind into a pot of roughly the same. 

Just as his shot clock was about to expire, Coleman tossed a single chip into the middle for a call. DeStefano could only show king-nine for a stone-cold bluff, and when Coleman rolled over two red aces, DeStefano was left with half a big blind. Two hands later, Coleman turned a flush, and DeStefano was out the door in second place for $189,000. 

The win marks Coleman's third win and sixth overall cash of the young PGT season. It further increases his lead in the overall PGT standings, now at 937 points, 432 points above second-place Dylan Weisman. 

Event #6: $15,100 No-Limit Hold'em Final Table Payouts

Place Name Country PGT Points Payout
1st David Coleman United States 302 $302,400
2nd Dylan DeStefano United States 189 $189,000
3rd Seth Davies United States 132 $132,300
4th Michael Brinkenhoff United States 95 $94,500
5th Aram Zobian United States 71 $70,875
6th Justin Saliba United States 52 $51,975
7th Jeremy Ausmus United States 38 $37,800

Coleman Vaults Into the Lead for the 2024 PokerGO Cup

Not only did the win in the 63-entrant field propel Coleman further ahead in the overall PGT leaderboard in securing his first major PGT tournament title, but Coleman also secured his second cash of the series and now sits atop the PokerGO Cup leaderboard with 347 points. 

Event #6 created a prize pool of $945,000, and the top nine secured a min-cash of $28,350 to go along with the 29 PGT points. Nick Schulman (9th) secured his first cash of the series, and Sam Soverel (8th) secured his second cash before the final table began, but neither cracked the top ten of the leaderboard. 

Coleman now sits 70 points clear of second place Jonathan Little and over 100 points ahead of fourth place Dylan Weisman, and the race is coming down to the wire with just two events to go before crowing and champion. 

The action continues in the 2024 PokerGO Cup with Event #7: $15,100 No-Limit Hold'em. You can follow all the day-one action at https://www.pgt.com/live-reporting/pokergo-cup-2024/event-7-15100-nolimit-holdem as the race for the Cup heads to an exciting conclusion. 

2024 PokerGO Cup Leaderboard - Top Ten

Rank Player Points Wins Cashes Winnings
1 David Coleman 347 1 2 $346,900
2 Jonathan Little 277 1 3 $276,600
3 Cary Katz 252 1 2 $251,700
4 Dylan Weisman 240 1 1 $240,300
5 Justin Zaki 232 1 1 $232,400
6 Dylan DeStefano 189 0 1 $189,000
7 Alex Foxen 185 0 2 $184,350
8 Stoyan Madanzhiev 184 0 3 $183,700
9 Aram Zobian 176 0 2 $176,175
10 Joey Weissman 175 0 2 $174,900

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