Daniel Negreanu has arguably achieved more in poker than of his peers but living off his past accomplishments isn’t how the most recognized poker player on the planet continues to find success. He posted a recent blog laying out his goals for 2017 and reflected on his 2016 goals.

He pulled back a little bit and listed eight goals, down from ten, and shared some thoughts on what he hopes to accomplish.

One of which is to make the November Nine after coming close in 2015 with an 11th place finish. When asked if the event still weighs on him he said, “Of course, I know this event was tailor made for me as I think my style is extremely well-suited to the format. It’s really hard to knock me out of that thing.”

Four of his eight goals directly relate to earning money – something that All-Time money leader in poker shouldn’t have to worry about. “Money is the measure of success in a game played, so for poker the goals are for tracking purposes. My relationship with money hasn’t changed at all.”

Currently, only two players are in the $30 million club – Negreanu and Erik Seidel – and it’s realistic to project that the two could trade the lead back and forth over the next few years.

Having that kind competition motivates Negreanu to stay ahead of the game. “Erik puts in a lot more high stakes volume, which gives him a big edge,” he said.

“Most of my volume comes during the WSOP where the prize money for first is often less that one buy-in for a high roller,” Negreanu continued. “Having said that, his consistency motivates me enough to care about being number one.”

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from his blog is that he promised an interview with Phil Ivey in the coming year. Negreanu shed some light and said, “The only thing off the table is anything he legally can’t discuss because of pending cases. I’ve been looking for the right time to have him on the podcast and get deep.”