In one of the most incredible poker hands you'll ever see in one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, poker superstar Daniel Negreanu went runner-runner to make quads and crack Bryn Kenney's pocket aces after Kenney flopped top set.

For Kenney, the hand resulted in one of the most brutal poker bad beats you will ever see, and bringing the shock level to superior heights was the fact that it happened in the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl.

The hand immediately hit social media and generated quite a bit of buzz in the poker world. Here's what happened.

In Level 3 with the blinds at 1,000/2,000 with a 2,000 big blind ante, Kenney raised under the gun to 5,000 with pocket aces. Negreanu called from the big blind with pocket threes. The flop came down ace-five-four with two spades. Negreanu checked, Kenney bet 5,000, and Negreanu called.

The turn was a whopper, as it was a three to give Negreanu a set of threes. Little did he know, Kenney still had him beat with top set of aces. Negreanu opted to take the betting lead and fired 10,000. Kenney made the call.

The river was the coldest card in the deck for Kenney, as it was the case three. Negreanu had made quad threes, pulling ahead of Kenney's set of aces that was now a losing full house. With the ace, four, and three of spades on the board, the five-two of spades would be the stone-cold nuts for the steel wheel (ace-five straight flush). The second nuts were what Negreanu had, quad threes. For as strong as Kenney's hand was - full house of aces over threes - it was the third nuts and Negreanu held one of the two hands that could beat him.

On the river, Negreanu fired 25,000. Kenney raised to 105,000 and left himself with 97,000 behind. Negreanu moved all in having Kenney covered, and Kenney made the call after a little bit of a pause to take in the situation. Kenney's gut instincts seemed right as he did in fact run into one of the two hands better than him. He was eliminated in the massive clash and Negreanu raked in the huge pot.

You can watch the highlight clip of the hand via the link below, which was also shared on PokerGO's Twitter.