The whole band is back together this week on “Throwback Hands.” Put Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, and Daniel Negreanu together in a pot and anything is possible. The impossible is a reality in THE VAULT on PokerGO.

Add Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak into the mix and you have a special hand that demands a place in the archives.

The battle is perfect. Negreanu flops a set and Matusow a flush draw. Negreanu states he is thinking of a card and low and behold it comes on the turn for Matusow.

Now comes the river where Negreanu is faced with a bet from his usually chatty but now tight-lipped foe. Hellmuth, Laak, and Hellmuth all get a say about what Negreanu is thinking in the spot.

The debate wages to the point of Hellmuth and Esfandiari start discussing side bets about the hands. Is it out of line? Maybe. Is it entertaining? Without question.

Hellmuth is convinced Negreanu is going to call. Is he right? Step into THE VAULT and find out.

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