Dan Zack was down to less than three big bets during three-handed play, but just 40 minutes later, Zack had all the chips as the deck turned in his favor to capture the title and the $195,200 first-place prize in Event #4: $10,200 8-Game. 

Zack started his run to victory when he eliminated start-of-day chip leader Dylan Weisman in third place when his flopped top set of aces left Weisman needing runner runner to stay alive. Weisman picked up outs to a straight on the turn, but when the river bricked, he headed to the payout desk to collect his $85,400 prize. 

Jim Collopy started heads-up play with a nearly two-to-one chip lead but could get nothing going as he would quickly lose the chip lead as Zack pulled off a stone-cold bluff on the second hand of the match. 

With the board reading , Zack, who had check-raised the flop and barreled the turn bet 2,000,000 into a pot of roughly the same. Collopy went into the tank and eventually tossed his into the muck, only for Zack to show him as the New Jersey native took over the chip lead. 

Collopy would continue to spiral from there as nothing would go in his favor, and five hands later, he got his last 800,000 into the middle with pocket sixes in Limit Hold'em against the ace-nine of Zack. A nine on the river sealed the deal for Zack as Collopy failed to win a pot heads-up and headed to the payout desk in second place for $122,000. 

Three hours earlier, on the day's first hand, Event #2 champion John Hennigan got his short stack into the middle in Razz with a made eight-seven against the made eight-six of Mike Gorodinsky on fifth street. Hennigan improved to a better eight-six on sixth street, but Gorodinsky made a six on seventh to send Johnny World to the payout desk in seventh place for $24,400. 

Chris Vitch was the next to fall in sixth place when he got his short stack into the middle with queen-six against Zack's king-ten. Vitch failed to improve, and the start-of-day short stack scored a ladder but would go no further as he collected his $33,350 prize. 

Gorodinsky scored the early elimination but got nothing going after eventually bowing out in fifth place for $45,750 when he failed to make a lo or trips playing Stud Hi-Lo against Collopy's two pair. 

Joshua Rhodes secured the largest cash of his tournament career and his first-ever cash on the PGT as the newcomer road a pair of early doubles to a fourth-place finish for $61,000, eventually falling to Weisman during 2-7 triple draw when he failed to make his eight-six on the last draw. 

Event #4: $10,200 8-Game Final Table Payouts

Place Name Country PGT Points Prize
1st Dan Zack United States 195 $195,200
2nd Jim Collopy United States 122 $122,000
3rd Dylan Weisman United States 85 $85,400
4th Joshua Rhodes United States 61 $61,000
5th Mike Gorodinsky United States 46 $45,750
6th Chris Vitch United States 34 $33,550
7th John Hennigan  United States 24 $24,400

Eskandani Remains In the Lead for PGT Mixed Game Player of the Series

The fourth event in the third rendition of the PGT Mixed Game Series saw 61 entries cross the threshold into the PokerGO Studio to create a prize pool of $610,000, which paid the top nine finishers. 

Phil Hellmuth picked up his first cash of the series when he finished in ninth place after Andres Korn was denied his second cash of the series when his flopped two pair was bested by Collopy's turned flush to burst the Event #4 money bubble. 

With only 195 PGT points up for grabs, the win means Zack now sits second on the leaderboard thanks to his first cash of the series and trails Event #3 champion Mori Eskandani by seven points with six events to go. 

Runner-up Collopy scored his second cash of the series and now sits in sixth place with 139, five points behind Hennigan, who also picked up his second cash with the seventh-place finish. Weisman also moves into the top ten with his third-place finish and now sits with 85 points, seven points ahead of tenth-place Adam Friedman. 

Andrew Kelsall picked up his third cash of the series in Event #4 but currently sits in eleventh place on the overall leaderboard, two points shy of Friedman for tenth. 

Five events remain in the race for the Player of the Series, and with it, the added $10,000 PGT Passport as the game changes from 8-Game to Triple Stud for Event #5 as day one is already underway. 

Players must cash twice to be eligible for the Player of the Series bonus, which means it is still anyone's prize to win, and the PGT Live Reporting team will have you covered as the race continues to heat up. 

PGT Mixed Games Leaderboard

Rank Player Points Wins Cashes Winnings
1 Mori Eskandani 202 1 1 $201,600
2 Dan Zack 195 1 1 $195,200
3 Benny Glaser 164 0 2 $164,325
4 Maksim Pisarenko 152 1 2 $152,100
5 John Hennigan 144 1 2 $144,550
6 Jim Collopy 139 0 2 $139,400
7 Jeremy Ausmus 126 0 1 $126,000
8 Daniel Negreanu 93 0 2 $93,450
9 Dylan Weisman 85 0 1 $85,400
10 Adam Friedman 78 0 1 $77,875

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