International soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and friend of PokerStars replied to Dwyane Wade’s #raiseit challenge for best way to make breakfast. Wade showed off his range by making a long shot with an egg and then dunking some herbs.

Morning, @Cristiano. My 3 Pointer Ultimate Omelette Recipe might be just what you’re craving? #raiseit #ad https://t.co/xsfV0tYiBs pic.twitter.com/X51rZhlyuP

Ronaldo replied with a little foot work of his own.


Challenge accepted and answered ???#RaiseIt @cristiano

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The #raiseit campaign by PokerStars encourages the mentality of one-upping an opponent in a fun way. More challenges are posted on nowraiseit.com. Wade and Ronaldo have been going back and forth for a while and breakfast is only the latest challenge.