There are very few tournaments that carry the same weight as the Super High Roller Bowl and there are even fewer players that have ever had success in those events. Daniel Colman is one of those players, as he won the $1,000,000 buy-in Big One for One Drop in 2014, good for an over $15,000,000 score.

While the Big One for One Drop used to run every two years as an open event, the most recent installment, held last fall, was an amateur only event. The Super High Roller Bowl is now the preeminent event of the year and Colman is thrilled to have an opportunity to compete after being selected as one of the twenty ARIA players.

“Tournaments like the Super High Roller Bowl are so few and far between.” Colman said on the first break of today’s ARIA $25K High Roller. He went on to add, “Every year has one or two key events that just mean more than all the rest and Super High Roller Bowl is definitely that for 2017.”

For a while, it looked like Colman may not get the opportunity to compete though, as he was not selected in the live lottery and had to sweat ARIA’s selections.

“I didn’t know if I was going to get in, I was playing in Manilla and someone told me I was going to be in the Super High Roller Bowl. I looked it up, saw it was true and I was thrilled.” Colman said.

The fact that a player of Colman’s pedigree, he is currently 3rd on the all-time money list and has won massive events around the globe, may not have been selected shows just how difficult the decisions ARIA had to make in selecting the rest of the field were. Colman knows why though, as the Super High Roller Bowl is the event everyone in the high stakes community has circled on their calendars.

“These days, the Super High Roller Bowl is the pinnacle event for high stakes tournament poker players.” Colman said. “If there is one tournament I want to play this year, it’s this one.”

Throughout his career, Colman has made a name for himself in those pinnacle events and this summer, he’ll have another chance to solidify himself as one of the game’s best in the Super High Roller Bowl.