Finally, after six games of National Football League playoff action, we finally got games that were actually competitive down the stretch. Sunday’s double header made football fun again and as always, there were accompanying tweets to make Sunday even more fun.

The Super Bowl is one of a few sporting events that any casual football fan will watch, regardless of the teams involved. There are a few teams that will make the Super Bowl, and the ticket market around the game, larger than life though and the Dallas Cowboys are one of those teams. ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted what we all knew before the Cowboys kicked off on Sunday and four quarters later, the only thing more deflated than the Super Bowl resale market was the entire state of Texas.

I don’t know why Joel Embiid is a Green Bay Packer fan but the Cameroon-born, adopted ‘Cheese Head’ was all over Twitter yesterday cheering on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. A week earlier, I was cursing Rodgers as he shredded the New York Giants defense but after a few days of wound licking, I finally got to appreciate the best quarterback in football. That can be debated but for this weekend, Joel Embiid’s word is gospel.

Go home Skip, you’re drunk.

Sunday’s nightcap didn’t have the drama of a game winning field goal as the clock ticked to zero but it was a gritty defensive battle that Pittsburgh ended up taking thanks to six field goals from Chris Boswell and a two-point conversion stop late in the 4th quarter. As the game ended, I thought about how good the Chiefs defense actually played and wondered how often teams have lost playoff games without allowing their opponents to score touchdowns. ESPN’s Chris Hassel had the answer.

Andy Reid gets abused year in and year out for his clock management, or lack thereof. Most of that hate is deserved, as a 12-year-old playing Madden probably uses his timeouts more efficiently. Could you really hate on Reid if he wore this Davy Crockett on the sidelines of every game? I couldn’t and I also can’t stop watching whatever video this is.

Poor kid never stood a chance. More on Uncle Ron, the Kansas Chiefs and Brock Osweiler later this week.