The wait is over. Conference Championship weekend is here and the people have spoken. In a standard poker coin flip, the ‘Twitterverse’ has predicted the Atlanta Falcons to best the Green Bay Packers in the NFC. If you are a Falcons fan, you are one step closer to Super Bowl LI, if you woke up this morning shouting “Go Pack Go!”, relax and realize that Twitter polls don’t decide football games, Aaron Rodgers does.

Ace-king versus pocket queens. It’s your standard poker flip but today, Twitter says the most important flip of the weekend is Falcons or Packers. Just over, barely, half of the Poker Central followers think the Falcons will punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. That’s good news for Matt Ryan fans but something tells me Rodgers, “that guy who’s named after a salad” and Green Bay won’t go quietly.

When Phil Hellmuth isn’t busy sitting court side for his new favorite team, he goes back to his roots. Born and raised in Wisconsin, that means it’s Packers or bust for Hellmuth. If Rodgers and his “hot arm” can win in Atlanta, something that has been easier said than done this year, Hellmuth might be Houston and Super Bowl LI or bust by Monday morning.

‘Big Cheese’ knew this was a pick ‘em and then pushed. Shame, shame, shame but Tom Marchese is right, this game could go either way. If we’re betting the spread, #RIPuncleron, the points and the Packers might be ‘Will OC’s Lock of 2017’. Since I just said the dreaded “L” word, the Packers probably won’t cover and Tom Marchese will be right, again.

Let’s just go with the bit that Daniel Negreanu is running. Why is football called “football”? Who are the ‘Green Bay Wizards’? And most importantly, who is winning the match?

CPFro3, the drinks are on me the next time you come to Vegas.