If some is good, more is better and the second night of “Leave it to Seiver” week on Poker After Dark featured additional heart-pounding action to follow up last night’s premiere.

Garrett Adelstein kept his foot on the gas pedal once again and others joined him in playing six-figure pots in the $300/$600 game.

The PokerGO live stream featured great moments from all seven players in the game with Scott Seiver finding himself in action early and often.

Christopher Kruk flew below the radar on the first night but put his full arsenal of skills on display in tonight’s episode. Kruk got into a large hand against Seiver in the beginning stages of the episode and found favorable runouts to scoop two boards in an all-in situation.

Seiver may have lost that hand but regained his footing later in the episode and managed to recover from his early deficit.

Adelstein did his full ‘G-Man’ routine of river overbets for most of the night but ran into a rough spot against Kruk and temporarily ceded his superhero status. 

The eccentrically dressed Jacky Wang sat next to Seiver for the duration of the game and the two built a steady rapport with frequent conversation when they weren’t involved in a hand. If you listened closely, you might have heard Wang suggest a fedora for Seiver which would make for an interesting look the next time he hits the live felt.

Wang walked away as the big winner on the night after taking a large pot from Seiver in the last orbit and gave the fans some dance moves to go with it.

They may not have been involved in the largest pots of the night but Matt Berkey and Ben Lamb made sure to make their presence felt. One can imagine they are very much looking forward to their next shot to play against Adelstein.

Social media buzz was frequent for the full live stream and Uncle Ron got into the mix to offer his take on Bob Bright’s unusual method of playing pocket kings.

Poker After Dark is at its end for this week but there are more live streamed episodes soon to be announced in the upcoming days.

PokerCentral.com will have all information on the next set of episodes and make sure to stay tuned to PokerGO with an offer available for seven free days of exclusive poker content.

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