After eight more levels of play, the 72 players who started the day were reduced to a final table of just eight players hoping for a victory that will seal a million-dollar payday.


With a total of 402 entries made up from both live and online Day 1’s and Day 2s, just 72 players remained in with a shout of the title as play kicked off on the German/Czech Republic border. 102 of those players had never been inside King’s Casino prior to Day 3, and amongst that number was Aleks Dimitrov, who was at the top of the chipcounts, followed very closely by the leader from Day 2 inside the stunning cardroom, British pro Sam Grafton.

While only Grafton would remain in the hunt from those two chip leaders, others got almost no further than they started, with Usman Siddique, Patrick Mahoney, Dara O’Kearney and Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier all among the early players to bust.

Charlie Carrel, who himself had been very short-stacked on Day 2 with just 90 minutes of play remaining, had doubled twice to put himself back in the hunt, and that resurgence was confirmed when he won the biggest pot of the tournament so far to win a massive pile of chips having hit middle set and got all of his opponent’s chips after they moved all-in with just top pair and a king kicker.

Proud Welshman and tournament legend Roberto Romanello had a great day at the felt


After another rollercoaster day of action for the popular and dangerous poker legend Roberto Romanello, the Welsh warrior will be sharpening his fish slice as he hopes to serve up yet another huge victory in his career come Sunday evening with 41,900,000 chips by the end of Day 3 gained through hard work and no little flair. The restauranteur and partypoker Team Pro will have plenty of chips to work with as he looks to capitalize on his record in final tables, which is very impressive. Once again, he put on a masterclass at the felt to remind viewers that he still has some serious moves at the poker table.

Elsewhere, Sam Grafton (62,400,000) remains well-positioned and Romain Lewis (81,800,000) won that late pot to surge to second in chips, but Charlie Carrel is the man to beat as he sits with 102,100,000 chips and a big lead over much of the field. Can he put it to work? This is what he and all the other final table players are fighting for.

Remaining Prizes:

Place Prize in Euros Prize in U.S. Dollars
1st € 1,000,000 $1,110,000
2nd € 625,000 $694,000
3rd € 428,000 $475,000
4th € 300,000 $333,000
5th € 220,000 $244,000
6th € 170,000 $189,000
7th € 130,000 $144,000
8th € 100,000 $111,000


After the prizes were announced, and the players dropped one by one to get closer to the final table, stars such as Matas Cimbolas (12th) and Dzmitry Urbanovich (10th) just missed out on the final table. Although nine were reseated (and indeed redrawn), only eight of those players would be official final table players.

It would be the Hungarian player Jozsef Liszkovics who would be eliminated in ninth place, cashing for €80,000 but missing out on the final day’s play. He was all-in with an offsuit queen-jack and was in bad shape when Romain Lewis, the Frenchman who is based in London, called him with the ace-king of diamonds. The board brought no help for the shorter stack and the final table was set.

It is sure to be a fantastic day of action when the streaming continues on PokerGO, with three British players positioned for a final day shootout among top-quality opponents who will all have their eyes on the top prize of a million euros.

Final Table Chipcounts: 

Position Player Chips
1st Charlie Carrel 102,100,000
2nd Romain Lewis 81,800,000
3rd Lukas Zaskodny 71,200,000
4th Severin Schleser 69,500,000
5th Sam Grafton 62,400,000
6th Rastislav Paleta 42,000,000
7th Roberto Romanello 41,900,000
8th Josef Snejberg 32,900,000

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