The World Series of Poker $10,000 World Championship Main Event is an event where any player can shine given the opportunity. Circuit grinder Caufman Talley had his best career-best WSOP with 8 cashes with two deep runs for $42,000 and midway through Day 4 he has 1.85 million-chip stack.

“I didn’t change my game that much,” Talley said on break. “I’ve been running good I guess. I mean, I’ve changed a few things in my game but so has everybody.”

Talley has $27,743 locked up if everything was to wrong in the next level, but Talley’s stack is a boost to his mental state. “I’m pretty confident, period,” he said bluntly. “I’m pretty stoked.”

Talley has his eyes set on the immediate future and would love a deep run in the Main Event for some momentum coming out of the summer. “I’m not playing full time on the road, but I’m in the WSOP Global Championship and after that I’m heading to Barcelona for the PokerStars event,” he said. “I’m going to stick around the South like I normally do after that.”

Talley’s starting table in the Amazon Room broke and he was routed to the Brasilia Room. His stack of nearly 2 million was too large to fit into a single bag – he had the first-world poker player problem needing two bags to transfer rooms.

“It was awesome to have problem like that and need two bags for my chips,” he said through a smile. “I’m super stoked, but anything can happen.”

“Anything can happen,” he repeated.