This weekend, there will nearly 50 NCAA Tournament games and that means, looks around to make sure no one from the NCAA is within earshot before whispering, “Gambling.”

Because point spreads aren’t enough, what are some of the most popular prop bets heading into the first weekend of March Madness?

All lines and odds curiosity of a handful of off-shore betting sites.

Will all four #1 seeds win their opening game by double digits?

Yes -260
No +180

A #1 seed has never lost in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament and while there have been a few close calls, those match-ups usually result in blowouts. The average margin of victory for #1 seeds is 24.73 points, dating back to 1985, and there have only been 15 games that have been decided by less than 10 points. They are #1 seeds for a reason, take them at will.

How many #1 seeds will reach the Final Four?

0: +450
1: +145
2: +175

3: +700
4: +3300

The top seeds from every region have only reached the Final Four in the same year once, back in 2008 when Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina and UCLA all ran the table. No top seeds making the Final Four has happened three times, most recently in 2011 but also in 2006 and 1980. More often than not, one or two #1 seeds advance to the Final Four and, based on my expert picks, that will happen this year as well.

Will any conference have at least 3 teams in the Elite Eight?

Yes +175
No -245

While there are a few of these types of props, 6 teams from the same conference in the Sweet Sixteen and 2 teams from the same conference in the Final Four, this is the only one that looks like it may come in. The ACC was arguably the best conference in college basketball this year and some of their top teams are evenly spread out throughout the bracket. Duke, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Louisville and Florida State could all get there and on second thought, no one would be surprised if they all got to the Sweet Sixteen. Here’s looking at you, Virginia.

Will there be a buzzer-beater?

Yes -265
No +185

Is March Madness really March Madness without buzzer-beaters? No, the answer is no and after last year’s tournament ended on a buzzer-beater, we want more this year.