“If I played one event per year, this would be it. I’d skip the World Series of Poker Main Event for Poker Masters if it came down to it,” Brandon Adams confidently stated as one of the biggest series of high roller events just a few days away.

Last year, Brandon Adams continued his strong return to the high roller tournament scene with an outright win in Poker Masters Event #4 for $819,000 after beating Doug Polk heads up. To date, this is Adams’ biggest live tournament win, and he’s eager to do some damage this year.

“The schedule of the Poker Masters is amazing. I love it, and the re-entry aspect makes the money involved huge. I expect the numbers to be quite large after the success of last year’s event.”

Looking back on 2017, Adams clearly remembers how close he got to winning the Purple Jacket, as aces versus kings in the Main Event for nearly four starting stacks all but ended his series. With the upcoming events in mind, Adams thinks it’s reasonable to think that a new Steffen Sontheimer or Stephen Chidwick will stand up to have a sensational series, so why not him?

“If a player runs hot early, they play with confidence, and they tend to rebuy at each opportunity; the net result is a virtuous cycle of winning. Steffen’s run last year was impressive because there were no rebuys and he did it by piling up an insane number of final table finishes.”

“My hope, of course, is to win the Purple Jacket, and I think I have a good chance. I’ve continued my poker work post-Super High Roller Bowl, and I feel good about my poker game and my focus going into the Masters.”

Adams was featured on PokerGO’s Original series INSIDERS earlier this year, following him during his preparation for the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl. The former Harvard lecturer and published author made his debut in poker’s biggest clash of top pros in May, running deep before ultimately busting out in 15th place by the hands of fellow first-timer Kahle Burns.

“Insiders and the Super High Roller Bowl were definitely highlights for me in 2018. This year has been great from a poker perspective. I was in Las Vegas for much of the summer but chose to play mostly cash. I’ve had under ten tournament entries this year, I won one, but unfortunately one of the tournaments had a buy-in of $300k.”

Arguably already one of the best-dressed players on the international circuit, Adams would be very well suited to add the Purple Jacket to his extensive collection of high-end shirts, and he’s going to give it his best shot on PokerGO from September 8-15.

“I have packed nearly my entire collection of purple shirts. This was my favorite tournament of all last year, so of course, I’m looking forward to year two!”

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