The U.S. Poker Open is just a few days away as we continue to talk to some of the biggest names that will be contending for the championship trophy and the $100,000 top prize. One of the most consistent regulars in Poker Central’s events of recent years is Brandon Adams and he can barely contain his excitement for what’s about to unfold at the PokerGO Studio.

“I’m super excited about the upcoming USPO. I’ve been working hard on my game and for me, the U.S. Poker Open has displaced the World Series of Poker prelim events on the poker calendar.”

Brandon Adams’ Poker Tournament Rankings:

  1. Poker Masters
  2. World Series of Poker Main Event
  3. U.S. Poker Open
  4. Super High Roller Bowl
  5. WSOP Prelims/Aussie Millions/Seminole Hard Rock events

“It’s a peculiar list but that’s where I’m at right now in terms of order of importance,” Adams said about his Top 5.

To nobody’s surprise, Adams ranks the series he’s been successful at in recent years highest. Adams won a Poker Masters event in both 2017 and 2018 for a total of $1.2 million and the later tournament also generated one of the most epic hands he’s ever been involved in.

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Eying success for the first time at the U.S. Poker Open, the $100,000 added to the prize pool has added even more excitement for Adams.

“I can’t overstate the importance of money added and no rake, for me, in terms of my support for ARIA and Poker Central. It’s exactly the direction the poker world needs to move.”

“No one else is anywhere close to ARIA in this regard. I’m super happy that this move was made, and, to be honest, they did it without too much prodding from the players. That has to make you optimistic about the future.”

As part of Adams’ preparation for the upcoming high roller series, he’s focused on trying to understand and observe how others see him.

“It’s as simple as this when I’m playing with the same group, I try to observe and understand patterns in my own behavior, and eliminate them. I try to maintain unpredictability.”

In addition to constantly working on his game, Adams is currently also working on a book for serious amateur players titled Advanced Poker in Two Hours. Watch Adams in action during the U.S. Poker Open, exclusively on PokerGO. Check out the full schedule right here. Listen to a lengthy podcast with Brandon Adams right here. Follow Brandon Adams on Twitter.

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