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Another year is in the bag but do you remember all the best hands going back all the way to January? Yeah, we guessed not! So, here at PokerGO and Poker Central we put our heads together to gather the best moments of the year and if you are a PokerGO subscribe you must’ve already noticed that these were put together in five videos recapping the year. Today, on Poker Central, we highlight the best poker bluffs of 2019 on PokerGO.

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The five best bluffs that happened on PokerGO kick things off with this hand between Trevor Savage and Barry Woods on Poker Ater Dark’s “Open Seat” week. Savage, who has a hilarious YouTube channel himself where his kids reenact poker personalities and impersonate them, went for it with the worst hand in poker and that definitely qualifies him for this list! The full hand is also available on our YouTube channel where we regularly post the most exciting hands.

Alright, before spoiling too much from this list, here’s one more hand that we posted on YouTube because in this case, it’s Mario Ho and Phil Hellmuth going to war! Find out for yourself who was the bluffer and who was the bluffee, and when you’ve got to the bottom of that, check out the full Top 5 in the embedded video below.

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