Poker After Dark‘s “Big Three” opener featured three big games, plenty of big names, but only one big winner. Ben Lamb, one of the players credited for first bringing Short Deck to ARIA, dominated the game’s Poker After Dark debut and ended as an over $80,000 winner. While Lamb did pick up some sizable pots in Short Deck, including a three-way hand with quads, he also lapped the field in the No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha rounds.

Lamb’s lone misstep came towards the midway point of the “Big Three” opener, but the former World Series of Poker Player of the Year lost the minimum with top-pair. In another three-way hand, Lamb was on the losing end from the start against Isaac Haxton and Brandon Adams.

Haxton’s flopped set forced his short stack in and Adams aggression with an open-ended straight flush draw paid off by the river. The $50,000 pot was one of the biggest No Limit Hold’em encounters of the night, but Lamb was involved in his fair share of Pot Limit Omaha encounters as well.

Lamb’s featured opponent in those four-card battles was Jonathan Depa. Lamb made the Poker Masters $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha runner-up’s Poker After Dark debut difficult, especially in this over $100,000 pot.

Depa eventually made the right decision and released his flopped straight. Folding a strong hand is never easy against aggressive players like Ben Lamb, especially when he’s run over the table for the better part of the session.

Lamb will try to pick up where he left off during Wednesday’s “Big Three” finale. The same lineup, save for a Sam Soverel for Justin Ligeri swap, will return to Poker After Dark at 6 PM ET. Subscribe now to watch the Short Deck action live on PokerGO.

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