The fun and excitement of “Friday Night Poker” continued with a Week 3 lineup that created plenty of action! Get caught up now and watch it all on-demand on Stadium’s Facebook Watch page. Highlighted by Antonio Esfandiari’s relentless aggression and needling, this is definitely one worth reliving on-demand.

Every week of Friday Night Poker action becomes available on-demand on PokerGO a week after airing. Check out the Week 1 & 2 action through your PokerGO subscription right here.

If you’re looking to learn more about the players in this week’s lineup, and some great insights from Tom Marchese, watch the Friday Night Poker Preview Show right here, hosted by Jeff Platt, Brent Hanks, and Amanda Leatherman.

Friday Night Poker Week 2 Lineup

About this week’s action, Jeff Platt said, “Friday Night Poker brought it all this week. There were three all-ins in the first three hands and that certainly set the tone for the night.”

The action never stopped, except when Antonio Esfandiari had to cash in his massive stack before he left!  Anytime you win $35,000 at a $5-$10 game, you’ll have a lot of chips to count. What was even better than his profitable session? His needling of Jeff Gross.  What an entertaining night! We are already looking forward to having these players back later in the season.”

Start watching the action now in the player below.

What is Friday Night Poker?

Every week on Stadium’s Facebook Watch page, Friday Night Poker presents an eclectic mix of players in a $1,500 buy-in minimum buy-in uncapped $5/$10 No Limit Texas Hold’em game with a $10 big blind ante.

Live from the PokerGO Studio, hosted by Jeff Platt with play-by-play commentary provided by Brent Hanks and Amanda Leatherman providing updates from the floor, Friday Night Poker will be a highly-engaging experience for poker fans who can chat and react to the play with both the commentators and plays.

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Jeff Gross, Justin Young, Frank Kassela, Brent Hanks, Antonio Esfandiari, Jeff Platt, Amanda Leatherman, Jordan Young, Julie Yorn, Tom Marchese