Arsh Grover bagged the chip lead as six players remain in Event #2: $460 No-Limit Hold'em of the Stairway To Millions at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. Event #1 Winner Francis Anderson is third in chips and will soon have an opportunity to claim back-to-back victories. John Yelaney, Samy Dighlawi, Edward Jiang, and Victor Shih round out the players in contention as they return to The Venetian on Saturday, September 10 at noon to play down to a winner.

The field of 94 entrants created a prize pool of $37,600, breaking through the $25,000 guarantee, and the top 15 finishers earned a piece of it. All players who made it into the money received prize money in addition to a $900 seat into either Event #3 or #4. The top three finishers will skip a step and receive a $1,640 seat into either Event #5 or #6, and the eventual winner will claim $6,417 along with the seat.

Ori Hasson, who bubbled Event #1, was again the unfortunate player to burst the bubble of Event #2 when he ran ace-queen into ace-king and failed to improve. Those who made it into the money but fell short of the unofficial final table were Kristen Nyman (15th), Thomas Bona (14th), Aidan Long (13th), Robert Pisel (12th), Yuzu Wang (11th), and Roland Israelashvili (10th), who claimed his second cash of the series in as many events.

The nine remaining players then moved to a single table, and it wasn't long before the eliminations transpired. Pete Dailey was on the wrong side of a bad beat when Anderson flopped a set of jacks to double against his kings, and Dailey was eliminated in ninth place soon after.

Brian Frenzel was then ousted in eighth place after getting his nine big blinds in with a dominated hand, Jeffrey Peters was eliminated in seventh place when his king-queen failed to improve against Anderson's ace-deuce, and the six surviving players bagged their chips to return for the final day.

Event #2 Final Table

Seat Player Chip Count
1 Victor Shih 520,000
2 Samy Dighlawi 1,360,000
3 John Yelaney 2,325,000
4 Arsh Grover 2,905,000
5 Francis Anderson 1,600,000
6 Edward Jiang 605,000

When play resumes, there is 14:41 remaining in Level 14 with blinds at 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante.

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