Event #2: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em of the 2023 PokerGO Cup tournament series drew a field of 83 entries and created a prize pool of $830,000. After two days of high-level poker, it was Aram Zobian coming out on top to win the $207,500 first-place prize.

Zobian entered Friday’s final table with the chip lead. Six players remained and it was Zobian coming out on top. In the end, Zobian defeated Punnat Punsri in heads-up play to win the title. With the win, Zobian improved to second place on the PokerGO Cup series leaderboard.

2023 PokerGO Cup Event #2 Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Aram Zobian United States $207,500
2nd Punnat Punsri Thailand $149,400
3rd Kristen Foxen United States $99,600
4th Seth Davies United States $83,000
5th Andrew Moreno United States $66,400
6th Cary Katz United States $49,800
7th Ethan Yau United States $41,500
8th Ben Yu United States $33,200
9th Benjamin Miner United States $33,200
10th Masashi Oya Japan $24,900
11th Michael Rossitto Italy $24,900
12th Calvin Lee United States $16,600

Cary Katz came into Friday’s final table as the shortest stack remaining and he was the first player to bust. Katz moved all in for 395,000 from under the gun at the 25,000-50,000 level with ace-ten of spades. Punnat Punsri called on the button with ace-nine. The flop was clean for Katz, but a nine was delivered on the turn to knock him out in sixth place. For Katz, it was his second cash of the 2023 PokerGO Cup series and he’s the only play to cash in both events so far.

Falling in fifth place was Andrew Moreno. He got his money in on the ten-five-two two-heart flop. Moreno had ace-ten of spades and was up against Punsri, who had ten-eight of hearts. A heart landed on the turn to leave Moreno drawing dead and once again a player holding ace-ten of spades was sent packing.

Punsri eliminated Seth Davies next, keeping with his ways of sending players out the door. Punsri had opened with a raise to 100,000 from under the gun before Davies reraised all in from the big blind for 1,275,000. Punsri was quick to call with pocket aces and had Davies’ pocket twos in a world of hurt. Punsri’s aces held, leaving Davies with a fourth-place result.

Aram Zobian finally scored a knockout went he busted Kristen Foxen in third place. Zobian opened with a raise to 120,000 from the button during the 30,000-60,000 level. Foxen reraised all in for 785,000 out of the big blind with the ace-eight of clubs. Zobian had pocket aces and held.

Heads-up play began with Punsri starting in the lead. He had 5,915,000 in chips to Zobian’s 4,460,000, which was good for 98 big blinds and 74 big blinds, respectively. The deeper stacks allowed the two to battle for a bit before the final hand went down.

With the blinds at 40,000-80,000, Punsri limped in with ace-seven. Zobian checked his option with eight-six. The flop was eight-eight-seven rainbow, giving Zobian trips and Punsri two pair. Zobian checked, Punsri bet 80,000, and Zobian check-raised to 225,000. Punsri called. After a deuce hit the turn, Zobian checked. Punsri wagered 320,000, and Zobian put in his second check-raise of the hand, making it 910,000. Punsri called. The river was another two, putting two pair of eights and deuces on board. Zobian moved all in for effectively 2,530,000, which was just slightly over pot. Punsri made the call and saw the bad news that Zobian had it.

Finishing in second place earned Punsri $149,400, and it was Zobian coming out on top for the $207,500 victory.

2023 PokerGO Cup Leaderboard Top 10

Place Player Wins Cashes Winnings Points
1st Sean Winter 1 1 $216,000 216
2nd Aram Zobian 1 1 $207,500 208
3rd Alex Foxen 0 1 $153,000 153
4th Punnat Punsri 0 1 $149,400 149
5th Joseph Cheong 0 1 $108,000 108
6th Kristen Foxen 0 1 $99,600 100
7th David Peters 0 1 $90,000 90
8th Seth Davies 0 1 $83,000 83
9th Cary Katz 0 2 $76,800 77
10th Adrian Mateos 0 1 $72,000 72

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