109 players entered Day 6 of the World Series of Poker Main Event with their hopes set on reaching the final table to play for $8.8 million. 26 emerged from a hectic night of poker to reach Day 7 and be one step closer to the most important final table in poker. Aram Zobian leads the pack with 41.585 million is the lead on a bunch of storylines.

Even more chapters were in play when the action started on the PokerGO live stream. Kelly Minkin already had the title of “last woman standing” locked up and wanted to not just make the final table, but win the Main Event.

All the Day 6 action can be found here:

Minkin’s day started optimistically with a double up before the cards turned sour. Starting where she left off at the Day 5 feature table, Minkin jumped right back in the fray.

Alas, Minkin’s run to become a Main Event final tablist waits until next year. She made a graceful exit and promised big results in future years.

Joe Cada wants to do more than just make the final table for the second time, he wants to win. The 2009 Main Event champion picked up a much-needed steam after the Day 6 dinner break and a move to a feature table. Under the bright lights, Cada doubled up against Alexander Haro to keep the train moving.

Cada keeps the dream alive for past Main Event champions but the same cannot be said for any final tablists from 2017. Benjamin Pollak exited in 42nd place, well shy of his third-place finish a year ago. More players joined him on the outside looking in with Brian Yoon, Shannon Shorr, and Shaun Deeb all eliminated.

The last few minutes of the night on Day 5 were filled with the absence of light and on Day 6, those fireworks finally exploded. Two eliminations and a triple-up composed a nine-minute stretch of poker that can only be seen.

Listen to the full recap of the Day 6 action by listening to the Poker Central Podcast. On the podcast are Day 7 competitors Sylvain Loosli and Martjin Gerrits.

There were thousands of dollars paid out but only one place to capture them all. Relive the Day 6 action through the lens of Drew Amato.

2018 WSOP Main Event Day 6 Top 10 Chip Counts
Name Country Chip Count
1 Aram Zobian United States 41,585,000
2 Artem Metalidi Ukraine 30,845,000
3 Antoine Labat France 28,445,000
4 Michael Dyer United States 26,515,000
5 Alex Lynskey Australia 22,045,000
6 Yueqi Zhu China 19,245,000
7 Kao Saechao United States 18,985,000
8 Martjin Gerrits Netherlands 17,790,000
9 Nicolas Manion United States 17,630,000
10 Eric Froehlich United States 15,285,000

Day 7 coverage is scheduled to start at 3:30 pm ET on PokerGO before moving to ESPN at 12:00 am ET until the final table is reached. A full schedule of the PokerGO Main Event schedule can be found here. Find all World Series of Poker final tables from 2018 by subscribing to PokerGO today.
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