After a second-place finish in Event #4 at the 2023 PokerGO Cup, Anthony Hu emerged victorious in Event #5 for $268,800. That’s good for a two-day total of $409,200, and Hu now finds himself atop the series leaderboard ith 454 points.

For the second day in a row, Hu entered a PokerGO Cup final table as the chip leader. In Event #4, Hu took the chip lead into heads-up play but ultimately lost out to Justin Saliba. Event #5 was all Hu, though. He had the chip lead to start on Tuesday and never gave it up, putting on quite a dominating performance from the first deal of the cards to the last.

Across the entire 2023 PokerGO Cup, Hu has one victory, three cashes, and $454,200 in prize winnings.

2023 PokerGO Cup Event #5 Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Anthony Hu United States $268,800
2nd Erik Seidel United States $176,400
3rd Dylan DeStefano United States $117,600
4th Aram Zobian United States $84,000
5th Brian Kim United States $67,200
6th Jeremy Ausmus United States $50,400
7th Ed Sebesta United States $42,000
8th Masashi Oya Japan $33,600

Jeremy Ausmus was the first player eliminated on Tuesday. He had pocket queens against Anthony Hu’s ace-king but couldn’t hold up. Hu flopped one ace and rivered another to finish the hand with trips and eliminate Ausmus.

Brian Kim was knocked out next. Kim battled the short stack on Tuesday and could never get much going other than one early double up. In the end, Kim got all in with a flopped second pair against Hu. Hu had a straight draw and hit it on the river.

Hu’s good fortune continued when he busted Aram Zobian in fourth place. Hu turned a straight in a blind-versus-blind battle. The seven on the turn that gave Hu a straight also gave Zobian a pair of sevens. Zobian wound up rivering trip sevens and that’s when the money went in. He saw Hu’s straight and was out the door in fourth.

Dylan DeStefano took third place, and it was once again Hu delivering the final blow. Hu’s ace-king had DeStefano’s king-queen dominated and an ace and a king on the flop just about locked it up before DeStefano was drawing dead on the turn.

Heads-up play began with Hu against Erik Seidel. Hu had a big chip lead to start, but Seidel found an early double up to close the gap. Not long after, Hu was able to flop a set of sevens against Seidel’s pocket tens. Hu got all of the chips after Seidel bet river, Hu jammed, and Seidel called it off. That was the end of it all, with Hu coming out on top.

2023 PokerGO Cup Leaderboard Top 10

Place Player Wins Cashes Winnings Points
1st Anthony Hu 1 3 $454,200 454
2nd Aram Zobian 1 2 $291,500 292
3rd Ed Sebesta 1 2 $258,000 258
4th Adrian Mateos 0 3 $237,600 238
5th Erik Seidel 0 2 $223,200 223
6th Sean Winter 1 1 $216,000 216
7th Justin Saliba 1 1 $195,000 195
8th Cary Katz 0 3 $166,800 167
9th Kristen Foxen 0 2 $153,600 154
T-10th Alex Foxen 0 1 $153,000 153
T-10th Nick Schulman 0 1 $153,000 153

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