If you thought the first edition of the “Hellmuth Bash Cash Game” was big, be prepared for an even bigger sequel. The same Poker After Dark lineup returns for the second running of the ‘Poker Brat’-centric game and opens with $930,000 on the table in a $200/$400 game.

The latest addition to THE VAULT on PokerGo features Phil Hellmuth in a battle of wills and words against the world’s best.

At the proverbial head of the table is Hellmuth but the magnet of attention belongs to Tom Dwan in Seat 1. At the start of the game, Dwan is sitting on $368,000 which he earned through well-timed bluffs and getting paid off with the goods during the first “Hellmuth Bash.”

The game starts with Dwan and Hellmuth as the only players up in the game as play opens with an $800 straddle and a $100 ante, creating maximum action.

Dwan made a habit of picking on Bob Safai in the first game and picks up where he left off in what is a recurring theme during the episodes.

Prop bets line the table as well with it being noted that Phil Laak would not take $500 to not talk for 15 minutes. Also in the mix is a round of “Lodden Thinks” with the co-creators of the game, Laak and Antonio Esfandiari, using Hellmuth as their brain.

Kenny Tran makes the most of his camera time as well, showing why he to this day is among the most respected No Limit cash game players of his time. At the height of his nickname “Sick Call Kenny,” Tran does not disappoint with the moves he pulls at the table.

The “Hellmuth Bash” cash games are the only Poker After Dark episodes Tran ever appeared on and one can’t help but wonder why he did not appear on more.

Thanksgiving season is officially here so dig into a main course of Hellmuth and a delicious helping of side dishes with “Hellmuth Bash Cash Game II” officially on-demand inside THE VAULT.

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