Poker Central’s Drea Renee is master at putting players and celebrities alike at rest. She took a turn with Poker After Dark and Super High Roller Bowl commentator Ali Nejad. 

Most of the knots in Nejad’s shoulders were from Bitcoin dropping 38% the day of the interview. Then his largest single loss in a session topped six-figures and how he wish he could bottle his energy.

In all of Nejad’s career, his favorite celebrity-turned-friend is Don Cheadle – who is an accomplished poker player in his own right. He said that he’s met more celebrities through poker than any of his traditional TV work.

Nejad’s Instagram account is full of food and Renee wanted to know what her his three favorite cars, meals and favorite people are. “My favorite car I owned was a Lamborghini,” he said.

“You had a Lamborghini?” Renee asked.

“When people say it like that, it feels like they don’t believe my net worth could possibly support that,” he replied. “My self-worth and sense of self wasn’t predicated on ownership of it. I was 29…I bought in black, I didn’t go out and get it fluoride green or blue or whatever. I tried to be understated about it.”

He also once drove it in reverse through a Taco Bell drive thru.

That’s just the beginning of Nejad’s Deep Issues, available only on PokerGO, when Renee gets the most out of the people in her chair.