PGT Mixed Games Event #3: $10,300 Triple Draw Mix drew out 69 entries and at the end of Day 1, only six remained. Leading them is Alex Livingston who bagged 2,690,000 which was just a bit more than the 2,630,000 bagged by Nick Guagenti. 

Livingston aquired much of his stack during hand for hand play where he applied relentless pressure on the bubble, raising nearly every hand and forcing his opponents out. At the same time, when he had to showdown, he showed the goods. Livingston was not only responsible for the bubble elimination of Maxx Coleman, but also the eliminations of Brian Yoon (10th - $20,700), Brian Rast (8th - $27,600), and Dan Zack (7th - $34,500). 

Dan Shak (725,000), Mike "Crazy Mike" Thorpe (1,440,000), Mike Gorodinsky (1,360,000), and Damjan Radanov (1,505,000) complete the final six. Thorpe, Guagenti, and Radanov are all making their second final table appearance of the series with Guagenti coming third in Event #1: $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. and Radanov and Thorpe each making the final table of Event #2: $10,300 8-Game. 

Players are currently guaranteed at least $41,400 but are all eyeing the first-place prize of $186,300 as well as the 186 PGT points that come with it. PGT points collected during the series points will be used to determine the PGT Mixed Games champion who will receive the PGT Trophy and a $25,000 championship bonus. PGT points will also be used for the year-long leaderboard which will qualify players to the end-of-year PGT Championship $1,000,000 freeroll. 

Of the 69 entries in Event #5, ten of them made it into the money. Maxx Coleman was the bubble boy of the event after he caught Alex Livingston bluffing, but Livingston managed to draw out to make a better three-card dugi. Quickly after Coleman's fall, Brian Yoon, Joshua Ladines (9th - $26,600), and Brian Rast also made their exits and the tournament was down to the final table. 

Despite coming into the final table with the shortest stack, Mike Thorpe managed to find a triple up, and a double up after that, to build up a healthy stack. On the other end, Dan Zack made an ill-timed bluff against Nick Guagenti to fall to the shortest stack. Zack was eventually done in by Alex Livingston in a hand of A-5 Triple Draw. In his final hand, Zack drew two, one, and one while Livingston took one card on each draw. Livingston completed a jack-low, but Zack could only find a pair of aces and he would be eliminated in 7th place. 

With Zack's elimination in 7th, Mike Thorpe requested play be stopped for the night, and players bagged and tagged to return tomorrow.

PGT Mixed Games Event #5: $10,300 Triple Draw Mix Final Table

Seat Player Country Chip Count
1 Nick Guagenti United States 2,630,000
2 Damjan Radanov Serbia 1,505,000
3 Mike Thorpe United States 1,440,000
4 Mike Gorodinsky United States 1,360,000
5 Dan Shak United States 725,000
6 Alex Livingston Canada 2,690,000

When play resumes the button is on Nick Guagenti and action will start with 15:38 left in Level 17 with blinds at 40,000/80,000 and betting limits of 80,000/160,000. Players will start with six hands of Badugi.

Play will resume at 12 p.m. PT on Thursday, February 9th in the PokerGO Studio where players will play down to a winner. The PGT Live Reporting Team will provide exclusive live updates throughout the event until a winner is crowned.

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