The first non-hold’em event of the 2021 Poker Masters came to a conclusion on Friday, with Event #3: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha playing down to a winner. Coming out on top of the 69-player field was Adam Hendrix, winning $186,300.

Hendrix defeated Matthew Wantman in heads-up play, and it was a long battle between the two before Hendrix was able to come out on top.

“I feel good,” Hendrix said after the long heads-up match with Wantman. “I’ve had a bunch of seconds in my career and not any real first places that are notable, and grinding through that is just icing on the cake to win it. I’m amazed right now. I’m very happy.”

Hendrix had a second-place finish and a ninth-place finish from the 2021 U.S. Poker Open inside the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, and said that he felt very good about being able to close this one out and get the victory.

“It feels really good, sort of emotional,” Hendrix said of finally being able to break through with a win inside the PokerGO Studio. “Last time I was in here, I got second to Joey Weissman and I had a huge chip lead. I maybe made some plays that didn’t work. This time, when it got down to it, I had him down to 500K and he doubled and I was trying to keep composed, but sometimes you’re replaying that previous tournament in your head. So it feels really good to hit that on the river.”

If you’d like to relive all of the action from the final table, you can find the replay on PokerGO.com.

2021 Poker Masters Event #3 Results
Place Name Country Points Prize
1st Adam Hendrix United States 186 $186,300
2nd Matthew Wantman United States 138 $138,000
3rd Jake Daniels United States 90 $89,700
4th Brent Roberts United States 69 $69,000
5th Jake Schindler United States 55 $55,200
6th Chris Brewer United States 41 $41,400
7th Erik Seidel United States 35 $34,500
8th Frank Crivello United States 28 $27,600
9th Sandeep Pulusani United States 28 $27,600
10th John Riordan United States 21 $20,700

First to bust on Day 2 was Chris Brewer, falling at the hands of Adam Hendrix. Brewer picked up $41,400 for his sixth-place finish. After Brewer went out, Jake Schindler hit the rail in fifth place for $55,200. He was eliminated by Matthew Wantman. It was Schindler’s second cash of the series after he took fourth in Event #2: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em.

Brent Roberts then busted in fourth place, busting to Hendrix and winning $69,000. Then, Jake Daniels was eliminated in third. Daniels was also eliminated by Hendrix. On the flop, Daniels was all in with the against the of Hendrix. The turn was the and the river was the to bust Daniels. He picked up $89,700.

To start heads-up play, Wantman had 5.455 million in chips to Hendrix’s 3.175 million. The two battled for around three hours but eventually Hendrix came out on top.

On the final hand, the blinds were 100,000/200,000 with a 200,000 big blind ante. Hendrix raised on the button to 600,000 with the and Wantman made the call with the . The flop was and Wantman bet the pot for 1.4 million. Hendrix moved all in and Wantman called off his chips for 1.63 million total. The turn was the and the river was the . The river card gave Hendrix the winning hand and first place in the tournament.

With the win, Hendrix jumped up to third place on the overall Poker Masters leaderboard. Schindler improved to sixth place, Wantman landed himself in seventh, and John Riordan moved to eighth. Riordan has cashed in all three events at the 2021 Poker Masters.

You can see the top 10 of the 2021 Poker Masters leaderboard below.

2021 Poker Masters Leaderboard
Rank Name Points Wins Cashes Earnings
1st Sean Perry 239 1 2 $239,200
2nd Shannon Shorr 205 1 1 $205,000
3rd Adam Hendrix 186 1 1 $186,300
4th David Peters 148 0 1 $147,600
5th Jeremy Ausmus 146 0 1 $146,200
6th Jake Schindler 141 0 2 $141,200
7th Matthew Wantman 138 0 1 $138,000
8th John Riordan 122 0 3 $121,500
9th Daniel Negreanu 103 0 1 $103,200
10th Dylan DeStefano 98 0 1 $98,400

On the PokerGO Tour presented by Guaranteed Rate leaderboard, not much has changed in the top 10. Chris Brewer increased his point total to 1,406 but remained in seventh place, and Schindler improved to 1,264 points but remained in eighth place.

PokerGO Tour presented by Guaranteed Rate Leaderboard
Rank Name Points Wins Cashes Earnings
1st Ali Imsirovic 3,032 10 24 $3,976,460
2nd Sean Perry 2,260 6 20 $3,129,898
3rd Sam Soverel 1,715 3 18 $2,515,051
4th Cary Katz 1,630 2 19 $2,725,330
5th Sean Winter 1,614 2 16 $2,633,320
6th David Peters 1,540 3 10 $3,074,470
7th Chris Brewer 1,406 2 18 $2,105,420
8th Jake Schindler 1,264 2 13 $1,837,308
9th Andrew Moreno 1,200 1 1 $1,460,105
10th Clayton Maguire 1,200 0 1 $1,443,757
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