Day 7 of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event is the penultimate stage to the final table of the best tournament in the game. The 2016 edition loads up with perhaps the toughest final three tables in WSOP Main Event history.

Day 6 featured the rise of relative unknowns on poker’s biggest stage but Day 7 goes back to the heavyweights with Tom Marchese at the center of the ring.

Now available on PokerGO are the four Day 7 episodes that take the field from 27 to nine in a test of wills.

The ‘King of Cards’ is in the midst of his first deep Main Event run. Marchese is best known for his performance in High Roller events and the days of crawling through the masses are replaced by the best spot for his skills to shine. The 2018 Super High Roller Bowl participant is one of the elites for a reason and that comes out on the ESPN broadcast.

Day 4 feature tablist James Obst joins Marchese deep and leaves little doubt about his place in the conversation for one of the best all-around players in the world.

Also in the mix is 2017 WSOP Main Event final tablist and former November Niner Antoine Saout. One of the forgotten players from the November Nine era, Saout holds the proud accomplishment of being one of three players to make more than one Main Event final table since 2008. Poker After Dark “Racks of Lamb” namesake Ben Lamb, and Mark Newhouse being the other.

Saout’s game is on a better display if you check out the 2017 Main Event coverage available exclusively on PokerGO.

These episodes also feature the epic clash between William Kassouf and Griffin Benger. Enough is enough for Benger, who launches into an epic tirade that makes for one of the most memorable hands in poker history.

That hand is the subject of “The Moment” that defined the 2016 Main Event.

Kassouf’s adversaries grow in this episode with Cliff Josephy and Gordon Vayo chief among them.

The final table is up next on PokerGO and the journey is worth the destination as the marathon that is the Main Event becomes a sprint to the finish line.

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