The November Nine presents it’s share of memorable moments each year and 2014 holds to form. The World Series of Poker Main Event’s $10 million first-place prize is the largest since 2006 and second largest ever. Jorryt van Hoof enters as the chip leader with a strong chance to bring the bracelet home to the Netherlands.

The fight for eight figures is on PokerGO with fireworks jumping off right away.

van Hoof puts forth a spectacular display as chip leader with bluffs and aggressive play that stares down every opponent. It’s a runaway train for van Hoof in the early part of the final table episodes.

Martin Jacobson has other ideas. The Swede is a formidable opponent at any final table and uses that experience for his crowning masterpiece.

Jacobson starts the final table near the bottom of the leaderboard and through sheer force of will, climbs to the top in time to make van Hoof sweat.

This November Nine is not without characters. Bruno Politano wears the hopes of an entire nation on his back and carries the Brazilian flag with him to the final table.

And then there is Billy Pappas. Only in the Main Event can you find a Yoshi hat-wearing world foosball champion who just happens to make the final table on the way. Pappas is the underdog story of the 2014 Main Event and cashes in a for a few million before the clock hits midnight.

Mark Newhouse is in November for the second straight year. 2013 featured a ninth-place finish from Newhouse and he is determined to not have the same fate await him in 2014. Newhouse starts the final table third in chips and rides a rollercoaster to his inevitable disappointment.

Europe already has a Swede and a Dutchman at the final table and includes two more members of the continent. Norway’s Felix Stephensen displays the excellent play that carried him on Day 7. Long before Adrian Mateos became Adrian Mateos, Andoni Larrabe was the Spaniard of the moment.

Watch the meeting of nations and poker exclusively on PokerGO by subscribing today. There’s a lot that players will do for $10 million and all 2014 November Niners leave it on the line.

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