Day 6 of the WSOP Main Event is where everything comes together. A full week of poker is already in the books and tensions are on edge with only two days standing between players and a spot at the final table.

The 2012 World Series of Poker is no different and all episodes of the sky-high drama are on PokerGO.

Characters in the Main Event are what make the viewing experience special for viewers. They are treated to an all-timer in Rob Salaburu in 2012. The Texan plays faster than he speaks, and both are in fifth-gear at all times. Salaburu’s quick style throws off opponents and he gets paid off on numerous occasions as a result.

The most memorable moment from Salaburu’s escapades come when he is not in a hand. David Balkin mistakenly thinks he has won a hand against Gaelle Baumann and with the one-liner of “You lost, bro,” Salaburu lets Balkin know the bad news.

The line remains quoted by players and Salaburu to this day.

Greg Merson sits on the feature table and puts together perhaps the best day of poker in his life. Merson goes up and down the chip ladder but always keeps his head above water. The main source of chips for Merson come from river bluffs against Jean-Yves Malherbe. Merson wins more than his fair share of pots with “zero percent” next to his name and establishes himself in Main Event lore.

Also in the mix is Jeremy Ausmus. The PokerGO commentator won a large two-outer on Day 5 and that hand among many is discussed with Poker Central’s Remko Rinkema when Ausmus sits down to relive the 2012 Main Event.

As with Day 5, more future stars of today’s poker world establish themselves in front of the ESPN camera. Future WPT Champions Daniel Strelitz and Taylor Paur in action.

Don’t miss the crazy bluff from Jamie Robbins with eight-high that puts bracelet winner Steve Gee on monkey tilt. Can Gee recover in time to make the final table?

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