The 2011 World Series of Poker goes from 142 players to 57 on Day 6. Four episodes take viewers through the absurd day of all-ins and bad beats to arrive at Day 7 when the dust settles.

Now available on PokerGO is the next step in the chase for $8.7 million with players leaving their souls on the line in pursuit of glory.

The line of notables to hit the payout desk in these episodes is filled with millions of dollars in tournament results. Seth Davies, Blake Bohn, and Joseph Cheong are just three of the 85 to fall on the day.

Among those not ready to give up their Main Event dream just yet is Erick Lindgren. The two-time bracelet winner has long been cursed by the biggest tournament of the year but he reverses that trend in a grand way in 2011. Lindgren entered Day 2 in 2011 with only 3,600 chips but climbs his way from there to a seat on the feature table.

The battles between Lindgren and opponents including Ben Lamb and JP Kelly set the tone for the intensity of the field.

Earlier portions of the day focus on Phil Collins and his mammoth chip stack. If you’ve ever wanted to see a player run hotter than the sun, Collins’ dominance is just that.

David ‘Doc’ Sands joins the feature table late in the day and finds a familiar opponent across the table. Erika Moutinho and Sands’ relationship takes a strange turn when they play together with both looking to win the coveted title.

Watch more of Sands in his appearance on Poker After Dark in “Holiday’s with Hellmuth.”

Lamb continues on his inevitable journey to the final table and takes on some young stars in Brian Yoon to get there.

Pius Heinz is on the climb, as well, and wins a dramatic all-in to triple-up and zoom up the leaderboard.

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