Jeremy Mintz Calls Tim Reilly’s River Bet

Jovan Santiago opened to 2,500 in the cutoff and Tim Reilly called on the button. Jeremy Mintz three-bet to 11,000 in the small blind, and both Santiago and Reilly called. The [Ks9c8c] flop brought a bet of 8,500 from Mintz and only Reilly continued. Both players checked the [Js] turn. On the

Tim Reilly Eliminated by Callen Bunyan

Callen Bunyan opened to 7,000 from middle position and Tim Reilly jammed in his stack from the hijack. Action folded back to Bunyan who called. Tim Reilly: [As4s] Callen Bunyan: [KcKs] The board ran out [JhTh2s9h7s] and Bunyan's cowboys knocked out Reilly.

Kenja Wiseman Doubles Through Tim Reilly

An early position player opened to 6,000 and Tim Reilly called in middle position. Kenja Wiseman three-bet to 22,000 in the big blind, and the early position player folded. Reilly shoved and Wiseman called for his 118,500 chips. Wiseman: [JsJh] Reilly: [AcKd] The board ran out [Th9h4c7hTc] to keep Wiseman in front and

Tim Reilly Eliminated by Ali Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic raised to 18,000 from the button before Tim Reilly moved all-in for 39,000 from the big blind. Imsirovic called and tabled his [Ah7s] to be ahead of Reilly's [Ac3s]. The board ran out [Qd6d8h7c9s] and Reilly was eliminated.

Jonathan Jaffe and Tim Reilly Chop Top Pair

Tim Reilly raised the button to 11,000 and Jonathan Jaffe three-bet to 36,000 from the small blind. Reilly called as the flop landed [AsJcQh] and Jaffe bet out 25,000. Reilly called before both players checked the [9s] on the turn. The river was the [2h] and Jaffe bet 56,000. Reilly used a

Jonathan Jaffe Shoves on Tim Reilly

With roughly 36,500 in the middle and the board reading [6hQs9dTh], Jonathan Jaffe bet out 28,000 from the small blind. Tim Reilly was on the button, and he raised to 68,000. Jaffe used a time extension before announcing he was all-in for roughly 210,000. Reilly quickly folded.

Tim Reilly Picks Off Jeffrey Trudeau

Jeffrey Trudeau opened to 4,500 from early position and action folded to Tim Reilly in the cutoff, and he called. Jonathan Jaffe was on the button, and he called. The flop fell [5d2h2c] and Trudeau continued for 6,000. Reilly called, and Jaffe folded. The dealer burned and turned the [7s]

Tim Reilly vs. Jared Jaffee

Tim Reilly limped the small blind and Jared Jaffee checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [Th9s6c] and Jaffee bet 1,500 with Reilly calling before the [Kd] and [As] checked through. Reilly tabled his [9h8d], and Jaffee mucked.

Tim Reilly Eliminated by Ali Imsirovic

Tim Reilly was all-in for his last 79,000 holding [KdQh] against Ali Imsirovic and his [As8s]. The board ran out [3s5d7cAhAd] and Reilly was eliminated.

Top Pair for Jake Schindler

Jake Schindler raised to 8,000 from under the gun and Joseph Cheong called in the cutoff, as did Ali Imsirovic and Tim Reilly from the blinds. The flop landed [7s9dJs] and Schindler continued for 10,000 as only Cheong called. The turn fell the [Ac] and Schindler checked. Cheong bet 20,000, and Schindler