Steve O’Dwyer vs. Andras Nemeth

Andras Nemeth raised to 10,000 from the hijack. Steve O'Dwyer reraised to 28,000 from the cutoff. Nemeth called. The flop came [5d][7d][6h] and Nemeth checked. O'Dwyer continued for 40,000. Nemeth mucked shortly after.

Steve O’Dwyer Eliminated by Cary Katz

Hand information relayed to by Cary Katz and Timothy Adams. Steve O'Dwyer raised to 9,000 from the small blind and Cary Katz called in the big blind. The flop landed [KxJx6x] and O'Dwyer led out for 13,000 and Katz called. The turn fell the [As] bring a flush draw, and O'Dwyer

Elio Fox Wins on the Turn

Elio Fox raised to 4,500 fro middle position and Steve O'Dwyer defended his big blind. The flop landed [5c7cAd] and O'Dwyer checked. Fox continued for 10,000 and O'Dwyer called as the turn landed the [9s]. O'Dwyer checked, and Fox bet 25,000. O'Dwyer folded.

Straight for Kahle Burns

Kahle Burns raised to 5,000 in the hijack and Steve O'Dwyer called on the button. The flop landed [8c4h5c] and Burns checked to O'Dwyer who bet 9,500. Burns called, and the turn landed the [7s]. Burns checked, and O'Dwyer bet 30,000. Burns called, and both players checked the [Kd] on the river. Burns

Steve O’Dwyer vs. Mike Watson

Steve O'Dwyer raised to 5,000 from under the gun and Cary Katz called next to act. From the hijack, Mike Watson three-bet to 21,000. O'Dwyer responded with a four-bet to 40,000, and after Katz mucked, Watson called. The flop landed [3c5h8s] and O'Dwyer continued for 40,000 and Watson folded.

Steve O’Dwyer Pressures on the Turn

The board showed [9s][9c][kd][5h] and 17,000 had accumulated in the pot. Kahle Burns checked from the big blind as did Timothy Adams from under the gun. Steve O'Dwyer bet 7,000 from middle position. Cary Katz raised to 18,500 from the hijack. Burns called. Adams mucked. O'Dwyer used a time extension