Scott Seiver Eliminated by Jake Schindler

Scott Seiver got his 195,000 chips in from the small blind and was at risk against Jake Schindler in middle position. Seiver: [Ahjh] Schindler: [qcqd] The board ran out [kd6d2sts5d] and Schindler's ladies held to eliminate Seiver in 11th place.

Jason Koon Doubles Through Scott Seiver

Jason Koon had gotten his 195,000 chips in from the big blind and was at risk against Scott Seiver in the small blind. Koon: [kdts] Seiver: [as8c] The board ran out [tc2c2d4skh] and Koon improved two pair to survive and double.

Flush for Scott Seiver

With roughly 110,000 in the pot on a [jc8c7c2c] board, Scott Seiver was in the big blind and check-called a bet of 70,000 against Ren Lin on the button. The [ac] completed the board, Seiver checked, and Lin checked back. Seiver tabled [jstc] to claim the pot as Lin mucked.

Dylan Weisman Doubles Through Scott Seiver

On a flop of [TcJc5d], Dylan Weisman was all-in for his last 133,000 holding [AsAdKh7d] against the [KdQdTs8c] of Scott Seiver. The board ran out the [4h] and [Jh] and Weisman secured the double.

Scott Seiver Shoves the River

Alex Foxen limped under the gun, as did Scott Seiver in the cutoff, before Cary Katz completed in the small blind. From the big blind, Dylan Weisman raised to 30,000 and Foxen, Seiver, and Katz all called. The [9h8s7dTh9d] board checked through to the river where Foxen bet 40,000. Seiver used

Dylan Wisman Shoves on Scott Seiver

Sam Soverel limped in from under the gun and Scott Seiver raised to 22,500 in the cutoff. Paul Kuzmich called on the button, as did Dylan Weisman, before Soverel folded. The flop landed [Ad6sAh] and Seiver continued for 25,000 with only Weisman making the call. The turn fell the [Jh] and Weisman checked.

Scott Seiver Wins on the Turn

Scott Seiver raised to 14,000 in the hijack and Chino Rheem called on the button, as did Dylan Weisman from the small blind. The [2cJc9s] flop checked through to reveal the [Jd] on the turn. Weisman bet out 16,000 and Seiver called before Rheem raised to 40,000. Weisman folded, and Seiver used

Scott Seiver vs. Jeremy Ausmus

Jeremy Ausmus limped the cutoff and Scott Seiver raised to 18,000 on the button. Ausmus called as the flop landed [9h5hTd]. Ausmus checked, Seiver bet 15,000, and Ausmus folded.