Poker Players Reflect on Highest Stakes They’ve Ever Played!

Chris Kruk, Matt Berkey, Shaun Deeb

Known for being a WPT Champion and WSOP bracelet winner with nearly $4.7 million in lifetime earnings, Daniel Strelitz sent out a tweet that awoke the poker community and elicited some very interesting replies. Hundreds of poker players hit the reply button to Strelitz as stories were told of implausible run-ups,

Ami Barer Eliminated by Ryan Laplante

Ami Barer moved all in for 825,000 from under the gun, and Ryan Laplante called in the hijack. Barer: [KsJs] Laplante: [AhKc] The board ran out [AdTh9s2s5h] and Barer was eliminated.

Barry Hutter Eliminated by Ryan Laplante

Barry Hutter was all in holding [QxTx] against Ryan Laplante and his [9x9x]. Hutter flopped a straight draw to go along with his two overcards but failed to improve and was eliminated.

Ben Heath Doubles Through Ryan Laplante

Ryan Laplante opened to 7,000 in middle position and Ben Heath called in the big blind to reveal the [JhTs4s] flop. Heath check-called a bet of 8,000 as the turn fell the [Td]. Heath now elected to lead out for 18,000 and Laplante called. The river fell the [5h], and Heath moved

Ali Imsirovic vs. Ryan Laplante

Ryan Laplante raised to 5,000 from under the gun and Ali Imsirovic called in the small blind, as did Brandon Adams in the big blind. The flop landed [6dJhJc] and Imsirovic and Adams checked to Laplante who bet 4,000. Imsirovic check-raised to 14,000, and after Adams folded, Imsirovic called. The turn fell

Turn Bet Win for Anthony Zinno

Pot-Limit Omaha Anthony Zinno limped in from middle position and Ryan Leng completed the small blind. Ryan Laplante checked in the big blind, and the flop landed [6sJh7c]. Leng checked, and Laplante bet 7,000. Zinno and Leng called, and the turn landed the [8c]. Leng and Laplante knuckled over to Zinno, and he

Ryan Laplante Eliminated by Jake Abdalla

Stud Jake Abdalla completed to 6,000 and Ryan Laplante called all in for 5,000. Each player's board ran out as follows: Abdalla: [KdQs] / [KhTd9c3s] / [5c] Laplante: [Qc7c] / [9dAc6dTh] / [2d] Abdalla's split kings held, and he eliminated Laplante.

Snowmen for Jake Abdalla

No-Limit Hold'em Action folded to Jake Abdalla in the small blind, and he raised to 4,500. Ryan Laplante called from the big, and the flop landed [9hTd7d]. Both players checked as the [Ts] fell on the turn. Abdalla checked and Laplante bet 5,000. Abdalla called, and both players checked the [4c] on