Philip Shing Eliminated by Nick Petrangelo

Nick Petrangelo raised to 20,000 from middle position and Philip Shing moved all-in for 202,000 from the button. Petrangelo called and tabled his [AhKc] to be ahead of Shing's [AsQc]. The board ran out [6dJc5sJsJh] and Shing was eliminated in 16th place.

Runner-Runner Chop for Jeremy Ausmus and Philip Shing

With roughly 35,000 in the middle and the flop reading [KdJc9c], Philip Shing checked from the big blind to Jeremy Ausmus in the hijack who bet 32,000. Shing check-raised to 85,000 and Ausmus called as the turn landed the [9h]. Shing moved all-in for 159,000 and Ausmus called. Shing: [KsJh] Ausmus: [AdKh] The river

Philip Shing vs. Vikenty Shegal

With 7,500 in the middle and the board reading [Kh4s5hQs], Vikenty Shegal checked from the cutoff to Philip Shing on the button. Shing bet 9,000 and Shegal folded.

Philip Shing Eliminated in 8th Place ($13,440)

Chance Kornuth raised all-in from the small blind and Philip Shing called all-in for 420,000 from the big blind. Shing: [Kc4c] Kornuth: [Ks6h] The board ran out [Kh5hQd8s3s] and Shing was eliminated in eighth place for a $13,440 payday that includes a seat into Event #4.

Eliran Yamin Eliminated by Philip Shing

Eliran Yamin raised preflop and Philip Shing three-bet. Yamin called. The flop came [Qc4c4s]. The rest of Yamin's chips went into the middle and he was at risk. Yamin: [QdTd] Shing: [KcKh] The [9c] turn and [8c] river failed to improve Yamin and he was eliminated from the tournament.

Philip Shing Doubles Through Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth opened to 25,000 in the hijack and Philip Shing jammed for 142,000 in the cutoff. Kornuth called. Shing: [9d9c] Kornuth: [KhTd] The board ran out [7d5d2h4c6c] to keep Shing's nines in front and keep his tournament life alive. "Unbelievable," Kornuth quietly joked as he loses a small pot after winning several big

Ilyas Muradi Doubles Through Philip Shing

Philip Shing raised to 24,000 from the small blind and Ilyas Muradi moved all-in from the big blind for 105,000. Shing called tabling his [AcKd] to be racing against the [TcTd] of Muradi. The board ran out [2hTh5h3sJc] and Muradi doubled.

Philip Shing Bets Out Straton Wilhelm

Straton Wilhelm opened to 3,500 from the button, and Philip Shing called in the big blind. The flop fell [Kc6d4d], and action checked through. The turn [7s] hit the felt, and Shing bet 7,000. Wilhelm called. The river [As] completed the board, and Shing bet 2,500. Wilhelm used most of

Philip Shing Doubles Through Edward Sebesta

Edward Sebesta raised to 4,500 in the cutoff and Philip Shing three-bet to 18,000 in the big blind. Sebesta responded with a four-bet to 44,500 before Shing moved all-in for 98,000. Sebesta used a time extension and then called tabling his [Ts9s] to be against Shing's [QhQd]. The board ran out [4dJs5dTc3c] and

Philip Shing Eliminated by Punnat Punsri

Ali Imsirovic opened to 8,000 from early position and Philip Shing three-bet all-in to 51,000 next to act. Action folded to Punnat Punsri in the big blind, and he moved all-in for approximately 95,000. Imsirovic folded, and the cards were tabled. Shing: [KdTd] Punsri: [KsQd] The board ran out [Qc8c4s8d7c], and