Philip Long Goes Uncalled

Philip Long raised to 5,500 in the cutoff and both Erik Seidel and Jordan Spurlin called from the blinds. The [Qh2h9h3h8c] board checked through to the river where Long bet 12,000 and Seidel and Spurlin folded.

Set for Jeremy Ausmus

Philip Long raised to 4,000 in the hijack and both Daniel Negreanu and Jeremy Ausmus called from the cutoff and big blind respectively. The flop landed [5hJsAs] and Long continued for 7,000 with only Ausmus calling. The [6s] and [4s] checked through on the turn and river, and Ausmus tabled his [Ah6h6d3d]

Philip Long Eliminated in 9th Place

No-Limit Hold'em Philip Long moved all-in for 200,000 from the button with [QdJc] and Maxx Coleman called from the big blind with [Kd9s]. The board ran out [KcKsJs6h5c] and Long was eliminated in ninth place.

Philip Long Doubles Through Maxx Coleman

Stud Hi-Lo Maxx Coleman completed and Philip Long raised. Coleman called, and then led out on fourth with Long calling. On fifth, Long got his 90,000 in the middle and Coleman called. Each player's board ran out as follows: Coleman: [Qc2c] / [7cAc3hTs] / [Td] Long: [Jc8s] / [8c7d8hKs] / [Kd] Long improved to

Ben Yu vs. Philip Long

Pot-Limit Omaha Philip Long raised to 30,000 in the cutoff and Ben Yu called in the big blind. The flop landed [5h9c9d] and both players checked to reveal the [8d] on the turn. Yu bet out 25,000 and Long called as the river fell the [Qs]. Yu bet 80,000 and Long used two time

Jeremy Ausmus Check-Raises the River

No-Limit Hold'em Ben Yu raised to 20,000 in the cutoff and both Jeremy Ausmus and Philip Long called from the blinds. The [7cTs3sQh5d] board checked through to the river where Long bet 60,000. Yu folded, but Ausmus announced an inaudible raise and Long quickly folded.

Philip Long vs. Jeremy Ausmus

Omaha Hi-Lo Jeremy Ausmus raised to 30,000 from under the gun and Philip Long reraised. Ausmus called, and then checked the [7sKh3h] flop. Long bet 15,000 and Ausmus called as the turn landed the [Qh]. Ausmus checked, Long bet 30,000, and Ausmus folded.

Philip Long Eliminated by Jean-Robert Bellande

No-Limit Hold'em Philip Long raised to 5,500 in early position and Jean-Robert Bellande three-bet to 12,000 from the button. Long shoved all-in for 118,000 and Bellande called. "Do you want to run it twice?" Bellande asked jokingly. Long: [JsJh] Bellande: [KhKd] The board ran out [9c4hAc2c5h] and Long was eliminated. "Do you guys run these