MILLIONS $10,300 High Roller Finale Day 1 Overnight Chip Counts

Here's how the surviving baker's dozen from Day 1 in the $10,300 High Roller Finale stack up. Their numbers are sure to be swelled by late registrants tomorrow (registration closes after four levels, at 6:30pm).  Play restarts at 2pm, one hour earlier than scheduled.

Max Cooler for Nicholls

A hand that was to escalate massively started with an early position open from Colin Gillon to 22,000, three-bet by Max Silver to 72,000. Over to Anthony Nicholls, who cold four-bet to 225,000 (775,000 behind).  Gillon folded immediately, but Silver, after a bit of a think, set Nicholls in. Nicholls indicated

Better Start for Silver

Yesterday, on Day 1a, Max Silver was one of the first to bust, getting it in good against Oliver Price but getting outdrawn. Today, so far, is better. We walked up as Silver was betting out 27,000 from the big blind on a board of [5h7s9s] [Qh] [8s]. His neighbor on

Steady Stream of Entrants

Players continue to stroll in a leisurely fashion into the Main Event, which with hour levels gives them the latitude to late register with near stack-impunity.  An announcement was made that today's flight will allow one re-entry, with registration open all day.