MacPhee & Romero in Strong Contention for partpyoker High Roller Title

James Romero is continuing his tremendous showing at the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America as, after winning the Super High Roller for $325,000 to start the week, he's not one of the top contenders along with Kevin MacPhee and Kenny Hallaert in the High Roller at the Enjoy Punta Del

Defending Champion Mathis Eliminated

Martin Arce raised under the gun and Marty Mathis pushed his last chips in the middle from the small blind. Arce called and they opened up. Defending champion Mathis showed [kdkc] but he was well behind against the [adac] of Arce. The board ran out [asjc2c4s6c] and Mathis was off to the

Mathis Flats Aces, Doubles

Jacques Blit opened the hijack for 600,000 and Marty Mathis called on the button. The blinds got out of the way so it was heads-up to the flop of [8s5c4s]. Blit checked and he called Mathis' 475,000-bet. The [Kh] hit the turn and Blit led for 1,150,000. Mathis called. As the [8d]

Sotiropoulos Doubles Through Mathis

Georgios Sotiropoulos just doubled through Marty Mathis. Sotiropoulos had [qsqc] and Mathis played [ksqd] when the board ran out [8d3h2htd7s]. Sotiropoulos is now up to about 8,000,000 while Mathis dropped to 6,300,000. The defending champion still has 21 big blinds but he has his work cut out for him.

Fernandez Exits

Marcelo Emanuel Fernandez got the last of his chips in from the cutoff and was called by Marty Mathis in the small blind and Lineu Penteado in the big blind. Mathis checked on [8c5d5c] and Penteado shoved into the empty side-pot. Mathis gave up and Fernandez showed [Ah7c]. Penteado tabled [AsTc]

Mathis and Silva Chop

The flop was [astd2d] and Marty Mathis checked from the big blind. Hijack Pablo Silva bet 900,000 and Mathis called. The turn was the [2h] and both players checked. The [8s] river completed the board and Mathis checked again. Silva then bet 1,500,000 and a very quick call followed by Mathis. Mathis

Andres Viola Leads On the Quest to the Final Table

Only 60 players remain out of 420 entries that were made in the Enjoy Punta del Este Resort & Casino in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Another 5 will be added to the field today after they survived the online Day 1+2 surviving a total of 36 entries. The total entries